A group of friends with busiest members so it hard to call all in same trip. Finally, we got and the destination we chose was Khao Yai. The destination that I visit many times with difference accompanies. And this time with this funny group.

We are, Pee Hong, Pee Lhin, Fang, Kero, Nina, and myself and this trip is more special as we have new member, a lovely family of Nhoo, Ying and lovely girl Niya. The most excited should be Niya as she was told from her father and mother how nice my gang travel. She prepared all costume by herself for this trip. Actually, not only Niya, all of us also excited and was waiting for this trip.

16th September (Saturday)
Everyone was on time and we left Bangkok around 0800am heading up on the Sukhumvit Road to the first stop which is Choke Chai. This place selected for lovely girl Niya as she loves outdoor activities.

In the middle of raining season everywhere look green and flower are blooming. Niya enjoyed practice taking photos of everyone at the farm. 

All supermodels were also enjoyed.

P Lhin who missed many trips during this year joined this time and also relaxed from her hard working with many projects.

However, there was one person who sticked with mobile because works is in the air. So, wherever wifi available Kero works.

A lovely NY family have time to relax and enjoy activities with family and friends like us.

Niya really wanted to experience ATV at Choke Chai farm but as she still too small and family not agreed so we skip this activity and left the farm for lunch.

Our lunch was simple at local restaurant called Somtum Mae Orachon located on the way to Khao Yai National Park. We were 8 adults + one children with 15 items.

After lunch we continued to PB Valley which requested by Kero & Nina. The activities there were great, everyone enjoyed riding the golf carte around the vineyard. 

Listened the guide explain about their vineyard and difference type of grape they grow. 

Since it was not the harvest season for grape so they arrange longan harvest for visitors which Niya really enjoyed picked the longan competition and she won.

Before we moved to another activity, they took us to the vineyard where they grow grape for eat so Niya and Fan got many nice photos there.

We visit the their winery and listen to the guide explain how they make the wine.

The highlight is the taste the 3 types of wine. Start with Rose with 8 months and continue with White wine with one year and the last one is red wine with 7 years. 

And they served 100% grape fruit for Niya.

I like tase of whine wine the most. But Fang likes all, K.Bow is our guide and she explained very well about their products.

There was shower raining on the way then we decided to go to hotel for check in but as we had plan to have BBQ dinner.  We stayed at Peri Khao Yai https://www.theperihotel.com/e... 

Then after checked in we were ready at lobby around 17.30hrs and the dinner was at ITAEWON CLASS BBQ  https://www.facebook.com/itaew...which well known for the good taste and quality of their food. I like their services, all staff keep smiling and take good care all table. Even they were very busy with taking care all customers but they smiling on their face still showing.

We were enjoyed dinner together. Sometimes the taste of the food is just a part of dinner but the atmosphere and friends who join with you is the most important to make your dinner more special.

However, their food is so good.

After dinner we return to hotel for relax.

The room is nice and comfortable and full facilities.

17th September 2023

0630hrs all woke up and prepare for alms giving at 0800hrs. Good activity before we start another program of the day.

Breakfast with mountain view was so good.

We checked out from hotel.

And then heading to the first stop which requested by P Hong is Mango House https://www.facebook.com/KhaoY.... We were enjoyed mango with sticky rice, mango ice-cream especially Niya.

Besides of variety of dessert made from mango. They also have large mango plantation and other fruit.

We left Mango House and then continue to Toscana valley as we heard there is sun flower plantation in-front of this resort. But it was not the blooming time yet then we continue for lunch at Baan Nok Kok Na restaurant. https://www.facebook.com/baann...

I came this restaurant 3-4 times already but this is first time for all of them. I like this restaurant because the concept of the restaurant, they grow vegetable for cook delicious dish with variety menu.

This restaurant decorated with local material like bamboo, wood but their interior design is amazing.

Besides of food they also have good local product shop which P Lhin bought some products for her new coffee shop while P Hong and Nina were enjoyed taking photos.

After lunch we decided to heading back to Bangkok as it was Sunday and we have to prepare for Monday. 

On the way we stop by at the temple White Big Buddha temple (Wat Thep Phithak Punnaram) But as we were there quite late so we did not climb up to the big buddha on the mountain. We prayed and take some picture then left.

We completed our Friend Trip 2 days 1 night Khao Yai with fun and happy memories. However, there are still many places we did not visit but we will do next time.

I believe that travel is the best way to detox your mind and healing your soul. People keep saying that they do not have time to do anything but work. I describe work as nutrients while travel as oxygen. So, we need both.

Ps; Khao Kor, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Pattaya were listed for next trip.


 Sunday, September 17, 2023 8:36 PM