Mae Pranorm will take you to Khao Lak this time. We are going to stay at Casa de La Flora Hotel for 2 nights.

We have stayed at this hotel last year and we totally love it. That's why we are deligthed to stay here again. Casa de La Flora Hotel has invited us over to try its new menus created by Michelin starred chef. So this is a good time to go back there and this trip will be on 22nd January 2016.

Let's go and try the new menus together!

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This is the main mission of this trip, to try new menus.

We fly with AirAsia again for this trip.

However, the ticket is expensive this time because we only reserved it one day before the flight.

Anyway, it is still the cheapest ticket we could get after comparing with other airlines.

There are also other travel bloggers traveling together on this trip.

The flight departs right on time.

This is the aircraft we are on.

We don't order any foods or drinks on board because we need to keep the space of our stomach for the foods later. We only enjoy the sky view while on board.

We have arrived in Phuket not long after.

The transfer from the hotel comes and picks us up directly from the airport. We plan to only spend time eating, sleeping, and chilling in the hotel so we don't need to rent a car.

Casa de La Flora Hotel

Casa de La Flora Hotel is a modern design hotel located by Khao Lak Beach. It has 36 pool villas in total.

The Hotel is about 79-kilometer far from Phuket International Airport.

Casa de La Flora Hotel has been rewarded as the follows.

- Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013

- Best New Small Hotel Construction & Design for Thailand.

- Highly recommended in Best New Small Hotel Construction & Design for Thailand 2013

Let's have some refreshing cold drinks to get prepared for a 1-hour journey!

We have finally arrived at Casa de La Flora Hotel.

The Welcome Drink served here is young coconut juice.

First of all, we need to choose the aroma that we would like to have in our room as well as the toiletries. Type of pillows need to be chosen too.

All of the aroma, toiletries, and pillows that we have picked will be nicely set in our room.

We are very hungry so we will go for lunch before going to our villa.

There is only one restaurant in the hotel located right by the beach called Areeya. There is quite a lot of outside guests come and eat here as well.

That means their foods must be amazing.

The atmosphere is totally wonderful.

Our foods that we have ordered have arrived.

Caesar Salad, even though we don't know how it tastes like yet, it looks so good.

Salmon Steak

From our point of view, the basic Cheese Burger can be used to measure the food's quality of a restaurant.

And the Cheese Burger here is tasty.

This Spicy Vermicelli Salad is very authentic. It is flavorful.

The next one is

Fried Rice with Dip with Dried Shrimp Phuket Style, the shrimps are huge.

We don't know how this dish is properly called but it is Australian Sirloin Steak served with Crab Meat and Cream Cheese Sauce. It is delicious and we love it.

Tom Yum Goong

We end the meal with Mango Foam with White Chocolate Crumble and Berries. Even though the name is quite long, it tastes so good. You have got to try it.

We have filled up our stomach so let's go to our villa now!

We are staying in the Duplex Villa which is a 2-storey villa this time.

2318 is our villa number.

The bathroom is the first thing we see after entering the room which is located on the Mezzanine Floor.

The bathroom is totally big.

All amenities are well-prepared.

The bathtub is enormous, please allow around 20 minutes to fill the water up.

The bathroom is wide-opened with the toilet behind the wall. Eiei

All toiletries are in place.

Let's go down and have a look at the lower floor!

We have the living room and private pool down here.

Huge TV equipped with Apple TV so you can enjoy surfing the Internet and watch movie, as you prefer for free.

Everything in the minibar is also complementary. It will be replenished daily as well.

The lighting control system here is through the touch screen controllers.

Let's move on to the upper floor where the bedroom is!

The bed is overlooking the sea view.

Another sound system is available here.

The private pool is long enough for a chill short swim.

You shouldn't miss to watch the sunset at the hotel because the hotel is the best spot for this activity from our point of view.

The drinks here are not expensive either especially during Happy hour. You buy one drink and will get another drink for free.

Therefore, it is about 110 THB per drink roughly during Happy Hour.

The view like this with your loved one is totally romantic. It has made the relationship even stronger.

Taking photos during this time could be fun as well.

Then it is the perfect time for dinner.

Areeya Restaurant at night is also beautiful.

This is pork similar to a pork chop but with special recipe and taste. We don't know what its official name is. What we know is that it is so good. Eiei

This one is lamb similar to a lamb chop served with huge scallop and cream cheese sauce. The recipe is specially designed for only this restaurant. And yes, we don't know how it is called again but it is very flavorful.

We are full now and will go back to our villa. It is a honeymoon time.

We totally want to share this to all of you. We want to share how charming our villa is at night and how romantic it would be during this time.

The new day has arrived.

All villas here are included with the breakfast, therefore; no staff would ask you for the villa number.

And we truly love to have breakfast here because the ambiance is way too good.

The breakfast is served until 11 AM so you could eat as much as you want and as slow as you need. You can even skip lunch and go for dinner straight ahead for this reason. This will save your money for lunch as well.

Hotel's daily newsletter

Hotel's daily newsletter is placed on all tables in order to let the guest in-house know what program the hotel has today.

Unlimited sparkling wine is also served throughout the breakfast time. The main breakfast hot dish is freshly cooked as well.

In addition, a variety of foods and drinks are available on the buffet breakfast line.

These are choices for main breakfast hot dishes. You can order as much as you want, you just need to finish them all. Eiei

We are done with the breakfast and will take a walk along the beach.

Well, you can swim right in front of the hotel during the low tide.

This is the public pool which is not that popular because all guests have their own private pool already.

Let's go and have a look at the spa! Wow, the atmosphere is so nice.

This is the Library and Business Center where computers are available to use and DVDs are available to borrow.

Another room where you can come to relax or even work.

Only two of us have lunch quietly on our second day here. We would say that the foods here are not that expensive.

This Green Curry with Soft-Shell Crab is tasteful.

Stir-fried Shrimp with Cashew Nuts is also tasty.

We are here to watch the sunset again just like yesterday.

Happy Hour for buy one get one free

Let's have a look at the atmosphere in overall during this time!

The last day has approached and we don't want to get out of our bed at all.

Anyway, we need to go for breakfast now.

Chef Yod will present us new recommended menus this morning.

Caesar Salad

Pad Thai with Shrimps. The two shrimps are huge.

Beef Massaman Curry with Thai Roti is up next.

Ordinary Spicy Grilled Pork Salad but not ordinary.

This dish is Grilled Scallops served with Sea Grapes and Fruit Salad. To enjoy its best taste, you need to have some of the scallops, some sea grapes and some fruit salad at the same time.

We don't know how this dish is called as either. Its name is quite complicated.

This shrimp dish is our favorite but we don't know how to call it.

And there are many more that we don't know.

All in all, foods here are superb. They all taste good.

Last but not least, we have Moo Hong, Phuket Style Sweet Pork Braised with Soy Sauce with Steamed White Rice for lunch before going back to Bangkok.

And we would like to say that Moo Hong here is very delicious (we like to eat it oily so it might not be very delicious for others).

We fly back to Bangkok with AirAsia again.

This trip ends here and we hope that this travel blog will be useful for you one way or another.

Lastly, thank to for giving a space for us to share great stories and useful information.

Thank you all fans and friends for your continued kind support.

We will try to make our travel blogs better and better.

Love you all.........................................

Same old Mae Pranorm

Please stay tuned for the upcoming travel blog that we will take you to Amphawa on an ordinary day that is not ordinary!


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