When the dense sky started raining, 2 ladies stepped out of the blue line subway station, Samyod, they had a shortcut through the street in Bangkok's old town. This half-day trip was led by P’Puk, a regular heritage tourist, who walked dexterously. She can explain everything in the route; the background, the streets, and the tasty restaurants. Me? I was just a follower. This trip happened because she invited the girl gang members to register for Cultural District 2022, organized by Museum Siam. It was only me who could go.

The time was close to noon, but we hadn’t had anything for lunch, just walking continuously. We had an appointment to visit a homestay that was changed from the old building in Rama 5 period to the gorgeous homestay and Khun Chutimon Vijittrisadee or Khun Mon Room 39 singer, the owner of The Knight House Bangkok would visit her meaningful house.

The Knight House Bangkok is located on Bumrungmuang Road, opposite the Ministry of Interior, in front of Phraeng Phuthon. It is a small building that looks different than others. It is easy to find. There is a cute small yard at the front of the building. The building name seems like wall art. It made the wall deeper and more interesting. From the first flash, it is like a western style. I saw the old Thai-style perforated craving on the roof from the second flash. From the last flash, it looked strange but compatible.

The cafe is on the first floor of the house which the capability of 5-6 tables. The wall is full of old photo frames, showing the life of the Thai people. It was full of people both journalists and ordinary tourists like us. We had a few minutes to have some snacks after arriving before the trip started. I tried a croissant set. The croissant was yummy, with a crispy and good smell of butter, and the Thai tea was not much sweet with a strong smell of tea. Ok, the energy was back. Ready for the coming activity!

Khun Mon and Khun Poo, the homestay manager, led us to the third floor where was a bedroom, fully decorated with a king-size bed, new and old furniture, and a luxury bathroom. Some of them are the furniture that her mother used in the salon with the lotus theme; wallpaper, perforated craving outside windows, and lotus smell toiletries in both bedrooms to remind her as well. And on the second floor, there is a small balcony with a 2-seat table.

They said…

This land was the location of the building that belonged to Chum, the royal mother of King Rama 5. The next owner was Khun Huangnhai, Khun Mon’s mother. When she inherited this bound building, she decided to demolish and built this homestay. Ing-Orn Prachannuan, the Idealist Studio’s architect, helped her design. The building was in the theme of ‘Thai lady dressed in Western’. It was from the 3 ladies' owner of the land. Firstly Chum, the royal mother of King Rama 5 spoke the English language about a hundred years ago. At that time, not many Thai women could do it. Secondly, Khun Huangnhai flew to learn the hairstyle alone in England. Finally, Khun Mon is a Thai singer. They are all trendy people in their era. The final result of the building with the Thai-style perforated gable with Western colonial style by its lines and colors. Like this house is a royal lady who dressed in West. The Knight House also was named after her mother, Khun Huangnhai. The name that she was called in England and her local Chinese name means lotus.

Their story was so fun and we were interested in it. With the capability is only 4 persons per night, this accommodation is suitable for a staycation to avoid the mess, and live with the slowness, no need to travel far to the country for the Bangkokians and vicinity people. Its location is in the old town. The foreigners can touch the ordinary Thai lifestyle here. It was easy to transport to the famous tourist attractions. Thinking of our case, it was quite regretful that our friends are more than 4. I said this to Khun Poo. She said they can contact the homestay and hostel nearby to book the much more people because they supported the revenue to the local community.

Normally a room price is 4,500 THB/night with breakfast, welcome drink, and free Wi-Fi. The homestay also provided a walking tour around the accommodation or will help the quests to find a day tour if they want. The Knight House Bangkok can be booked via booking.com, agoda.com, and AirBnB with some extra discount.

Khun Mon said she invested a lot in this comfortable bed. Come to stay with us.

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 Wednesday, November 30, 2022 2:47 PM