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Greeting to all! First of all, I would like to gather 14 impressive photos of Taiwan which you come somehow take them as the idea for searching for the right angle once you go to travel in Taiwan. All photos were taken from 2 trips in Taiwan (1st July, 2015 / 2nd March, 2016)

I am actually freelance photographer and travelling blogger. Hence, I have got chances to travel to many attractions. Furthermore, I also like to search for some information of taking photos at that particular place in order to use them as the part for writing blog.

The devices which I need to bring with me in every trips, there are ikon D810 / D750 + Tamron 15-30 VC + NIKON 24-120 VR + NIKON 85 f/1.8 G

Let's start with the first photo, it is the early morning Taipei, this photo is taken from Tai Pei Main Station. There are not so much traffic jams at this moment.

The 2nd photo is Sun Moon Lake

It is very beautiful lake. I highly recommend to wake up early and ride a bicycle around the lake, then take your time to indulge with this spectacular atmosphere. There are variously nice angles to take the photos. I have heard that this place is one of the most popular place for riding bicycles in the world .

After visiting Sun Moon Lake, I would like to take to you the North of Taiwan, will go to Jiufen Old Street, it is the ancient town on the hill. The view of this city is amazingly beautiful. The food is delicious, I have tried almost all menus along the street.

One highlight of this place is to see the sunset, the most popular view point is near Ar Mei Tea Shop. I can enjoy seeing the mountains along Bitou gulf, it is so nice.

Another impressive photo of Jiufen Old Town

There are another 2 popular places nearby Jiufen, please do not miss to visit these places (it does not take long time to come here by bus).

The first place is Golden Waterfall.

After seeing Golden Waterfall, I continue walking up to the hill for a while. Once I reach to the top, I can then see the path to the hill, how beautiful it is. It is named as the romantic path of Taiwan. The view is very spectacular. Unfortunately, it rained a little. Otherwise, it would be nicer if it did not rain.

The next destination is to go to Taruko National Park, it is the park in marble valley. It is very beautiful and unique. If you would like to visit here, I highly suggest to plan to spend time here for the whole day because it is very big park. It is like the paradise especially for those who are natural lovers.

Another photo at Taruko

Below photo is another place where I would like to recommend you come here, it is Lugang old town. This town is conserved and maintained the same state as the former time.

Furthermore, I can also see the contemporary shops and ancient shops in the same place. Once again, I have tried the delicious menus along the street. The highlight of this city is Lukang Longshan Temple, it is the beautiful temple.

I have shown 11 photos already and I will take you to the important Landmark of Taiwan. Let's start with Taipei 101, it is used to be the highest tower in the world.

This photo is taken from Xiangshan mountain (Elephant Mountain). It takes about 40-60 minutes to reach at this point, I highly recommend to reach to this point about 2 hours prior to sunset because it will be crowded afterwards.

Another place which should not be missed, it is CKS Memorial Hall. This photo is taken from arched gate. You better go before sun rise in order to have the wonderful photo of the first twilight.

To end up this review with below photo, it is named " Lady with Sakura" . This photo is taken in Yang Ming Shan National Park. You are able to discover 2 species of Sakura here, it is the uniqueness of this park.

The 1st specie is dwarf Sakura ( Wild Himalayan Cheery in Scientic name), it blooms during February - March. For another specie is Japanese Sakura, it blooms during March - April. Hence, tourists who come in March, they will enjoy seeing both species.

I have now shown all photos, I would like to thank you very much for your attention till the end of this review.

I have also created my own webpage called ibreak2travel https://www.facebook.com/ibreak2travel/ Please feel free to visit my page and talk with me at anytime.

For those who are searching for some information of travelling in Taiwan and Japan, you are always welcomed too. https://ibreak2travel.com/

Thank you.


 Tuesday, August 16, 2016 1:36 PM