"...Laos is a country that I always love to visit. :) … "

This travel blog is a collection of photos and story of my many visits in Laos...

My trip is always very simple ... I focus my journey on local people and their ways of life mainly.
No wonder why I always get impressive friendship back from Laos ...from every visit..

Let's go to Laos!....

It is very common to see Buddhist monks walking around in Luang Prabang ..

And you will get used to it soon enough.

This smile means something. .. :]

If you have read through my previous travel blog about Vang Vieng, you would know exactly what I am talking about!!!

" May I see the photo ", all these little girls asked me to show them the photo.
" Please come back here again next time ", they said.
I smiled and replied, " Thank you ".

The famous South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation, can't even beat them.

I got this shot when I was about to enter my accommodation. I just can't help but capture this adorable moment.

She was waiting for her crepe enthusiastically.

This is a great photo of sharing. Grandmother shared the sticky rice to the dog after she was done with the alms giving. I sat on the other side of the road looking at her while smiling happily for a long while.

You will see a lot of buildings in this style in Luang Prabang.

Local way of life

Every time I look at this photo of my own self, I feel the power of a traveler.

This small local shop has almost everything just like a modern convenient store in Laos.

I never miss this buffet at Night market Luang Prabang (Talad Mued) every time I am in Luang Prabang. It is 15,000 LAK per person. You can eat as much as you want and you can whether ask the owner to warm up your food or not as you prefer. The auntie owner told me that, it is a pity that sometimes people just take too much food but cannot finish it. For me, I always make sure that I finish everything on every single plate ..

This primary school reminded me of my childhood.

I thought that they were Japanese. ^^

And I finally had a chance to visit this place, Thanaleng Railway Station. :]

The station is pretty big.

Thanaleng Railway Station would be one of the main terminals for the high-speed train in 2020.

Vang Vieng is a top tourist destination that everyone dream of visiting. :]

.... Nowadays, Luang Prabang is full with tourists. Therefore, it is not easy to find a true traditional corner of local lives anymore. I didn't hesitate to cross the bamboo bridge to another side of the city .. and yes, this is what I was looking for ... the real local way of living.

These two children love to be taken photo so much. I actually planned to get only one photo of them but they kept asking me to take more. Then I asked them "Where are you going?". I don't remember what was the answer though but I remember that they were very happy. Their mother also greeted me, "How are you?, she said. "I am well", I said .. After the conversation, she asked me if I could have the photos of her children printed. She would like to buy. I was sad to answer, "I cannot". I really wish I could be able to print them .. .. ( I will print those photos and send them later ).

.." Come on! Let me take a photo of you all! ..", I said. They were playing around but were rush to come over and stand in front of me. They didn't know how to line up and I couldn't see everyone. So I asked them to stand one by one next to each other. And this is the photo I got. Actually I have got more photos of them ... they were all very friendly. ^^

I have all photos printed and I have also sent them back to this village. One photo for each one of them ... I hope at least it would be a good memory for them and I hope that one day I will have a chance to go back there as well.

" How is it, living in Luang Prabang? It is not boring, is it? ", I asked.
" No, my home is here :) ", they answered.

...At that moment, I didn't want to go back at all ..

I kind of miss you, my little girl.

I spent my time absorbing the local atmosphere, writing stories, and taking photos on my recent trip in Laos ... It was a real trip to be on my own. :]

I also write postcards about my journey in each year and send them to my friends. The number of postcards is depending on Thai calendar. For example, I will write 60 postcards in 2017 (2560 in Thai calendar).

Something analog like this is very charming, don't you think so?

Thank you for all your kind supports... Please stay tuned and I will tell you more stories of Laos!

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