Hello Readme friends, in a hot weather like this, we should better find a place to have some cold drinks along with listen to the sound of the sea wave on the beach. Therefore, today I will take you guys to travel at Hua Hin, a popular place that most of you already get used to. This review is nothing much apart from the accommodation as this time I go and have a relax time with my family, hence, it is not convenient if we will go wander around outside. Besides, we just stay in the resort all the time.

Today we choose to stay at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort and Spa which is located in the midst of Hua Hin city. Moreover, the resort is pretty awesome as its location is just right next to the beach. Although, I have been here twice but I did not have an opportunity to stay here, I just come to sip tea, have an afternoon set and some cold drinks along while listen to the nice music.

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Marrakesh Hua Hin is decorated in Moroccan style with a colorful theme, hence, my photos for this trip would focus on striking color in order to be go along with the decoration style of this resort.

Once we park a car at the resort, the staff will come to help carrying the luggage right away. We just walk to do the check-in at the lobby.

The lobby here is spacious, airy and comfortable. However, there would be a sunlight shines in during the afternoon time which makes the area rather hot.

Backrest pillows here are pretty colorful which are suitable for sit back and take photo with.

I love this corner so much as it has a grey sofa with adorable backrest pillows, although the color is not that vibrant but it looks just perfect, especially the floor tiles which are pretty awesome.

We wait for just a little while, then the staff would be serving us welcome drinks with the refreshing clothes for us.

Today we arrive ahead of time, therefore, we would have to wait for a while. During waiting, we keep wandering around as the area of Marrakesh is not wide, yet it stretches in a long horizontal line. There are 3 guest room buildings adjoining to each other and the building in the picture is the most front building.

There are only a few rooms that have a sea view which could overlook a stunning view of Hua Hin. If looking from here, there would be only 6 rooms here and our room is among those which is a sea view room.

Now it is time to go explore the first room, today we will stay in 3 rooms in different 3 types.

The first room is room no.62 located in the most front building, it is the ocean front suit room type.

And this is a beautiful sea view from the balcony of our room, it is so refreshing.

A key card using for the room.

Inside the bedroom has King size bed and the sofa bed located at the foot of the bed with a lot of pillows, it is quite suitable for relaxing.

From the foot of the bed is a minibar which provides tea, coffee and etc. free of charge. In the small cupboard has a refrigerator storing inside and the opposite side is situated a TV.

Let's explore the restroom, this room is decorated in blue and dark blue color tones which the wet and dry part are clearly separated.

Guest could brush the teeth while open the window to watch the view, yet if you would like the privacy, there is curtain provides as well.

They offer a complete set of amenities.

For those who like to take a rain shower would love it here with the rain shower installed at the high ceil like this which is completely like it really rains here.

At the back is toilet bowl which is located considerably far from the shower area.

Now let's have a look at the balcony, there is a bright blue color sofa which has the same color theme as the room, moreover, there is also a jacuzzi bathtub here as well.

Soak in the water along with admiring the splendid view is pretty awesome.

They also provide salt for the spa which have totally 3 small bottles in different scents.

This is the view from the balcony which I think if there is no tree to be seen, it will be much nicer as we could watch a fully wide sea view.

I will end up the review of the ocean view suit room type at this picture then.

Now I could really feel the heat, thus, before we will go to explore the other 2 rooms, I will go to find some cold drinks to sip by the sea first.

We walk down to AI Janna Beach Bar which is a bar that located next to the sea and the view here is wonderful.

There are a lot of beverages to choose from and they do serve the refreshment here as well.

Now that we have sat on the seat that we prefer, then we will manage to order some fresh drinks.

This drink is the drink that I ordered, it is a light cocktail for ladies that has a smooth flavor, it is such a pleasant time here.

This is a spectacular view from our table and it definitely and nicely adds the pleasant mood in sipping some drinks. It is perfectly relaxing.

Then we walk down to the below area, it is not windy today and the sea color is bright beautiful. Moreover, in front of the resort will have a lot of activities to do.

Look at the beside area, the staffs are arranging bean bag for the evening. They will have an easy live music to go along with the sea atmosphere, sitting back, listening to the music while sipping some fresh drinks here is definitely a happiness time. I have been visited here once when I travelled at Hua Hin with my friends as this part of the resort is also allowed people apart from hotel's guest to use the service here too.

A pool next to the sea, I think the pool is a bit small when comparing to the number of the room and hotel's guest.

However, the highlight would definitely be the seaside. Well, today we would not use the pool service as sitting on this bed and watch the view are good enough for us.

We keep walking around, there are a lot of sit back corners with the colorful decoration as always.

Now we will go to explore our second room type that we choose to stay today.

It is "The Fountain Pool Suit" which will be located at downstairs as there is a small pool for soaking provided in this room. Each room types would have 2 color tones which are blue-dark blue tone and orange-red tone, we choose to stay in blue-dark blue color tone room as it is easy on the eyes.

This picture I peak in to take a photo during the night time after the hotel staff comes to do the turndown service.

As for the restroom will be painted in dark blue color, good looking and nice, isn't it?

The balcony area will have a small pool combines with jacuzzi inside for guest to pleasantly soak in the water. However, since this room is located downstairs, thus, there would be no view to watch.

Well, I get to take a small amount of photos of this room type as I do not spend the night here and since the old people pretty in need of some rest, therefore, I have to hurry taking photo and leave the room. Moreover, when I take photo of the room, the jacuzzi is not working so I have to call the staff to fix it, that's why I do not have a photo of it. I will post picture from other sources for you guys to have a look instead then.

Next is the third room type of our today stay, it is the original guest room of the resort which is "The Jacuzzi Suit". We choose to stay in the hot red color tone theme room.

I will start with the picture of the bed, it is a soft bed with the sofa bed provided at the foot of the bed like all the rooms here. Moreover, there is welcome fruit served as well.

Next to the bed is rather unique, catching the eye with the stained glass that has a color like the color of the room.

There is also a small lamp for reading too.

Let's see inside the restroom, the decoration seems like the restroom of Fountain Pool room, it is not any different at all.

Minibar is also provided with tea, coffee and drinking water offering free of charge. Apart from that, guests have to pay according to the price tag.

Now let's see the highlight of this room, the jacuzzi that located at the balcony.

The building located besides that you guys see in the picture is in the part of Marrakesh Residence which is a condominium for rent with has a very long pool.

However, we are staying in the resort part, thus, we cannot use the pool service there, it is separated clearly.

Guest who would like to have privacy while soaking in the jacuzzi at the balcony, there is a curtain installed there as well, just press a button and the curtain will be closed.

Now we feel tired and hungry, thus, we will order some food to eat before going out eating some seafood.

Well, we already get back from the outside, Lol. And before walking back to our room, we will stop by to take some nice photos at the lobby first.

And now it is about time to say goodbye for today so we would better head back to our rooms.

Before going to sleep, we will soak in warm water in the jacuzzi once again.

Well, have a nice dream, good night everyone.

Good morning Hua Hin! We wake up to watch the sunrise scenery on the beach, the atmosphere in this morning is rather calm with the pleasant weather.

For people who would like to ride the horse along the beach, there is a horse riding service as well and it is one of the charms of Hua Hin too.

This is the beach atmosphere in front of the resort.

After we take a walk and capture some photos, then we head to the dining room to have breakfast. I would apologize everyone as I did not take any photo here.

And I will end my family trip at Marrakesh with this picture then.

See you guys in my next trip, Sawasdee Kha.


 Monday, November 28, 2016 3:22 PM