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Two feet move on

# Travel while we got energy #

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Um Phang ... is located 655km. from Bangkok or around +9hrs.

It requires longer time than usual to drive to Um Phang because it is

the route of "Doi Karieng Loy Fah ... 1,216 curves"

- - - Whole trip expense is THB3,900 - - -

[ D A Y 1 ]

Depart from Bangkok at 8.00PM and arrive at Um Phang at 6.00AM (Phudoi Camp Site).

Unpack the bag, change cloth and prepare for riding a rubber raft, go to Thi Lo Su Waterfall and have breakfast.

Our lodging tonight, very natural.

Around 8.00AM, we get on the car to go rafting at up steam of Maeklong.

Four members of our raft wear life jackets, prepare camera and wear sun glasses.

After packing all belongings, we are ready to get wet (LOL) since we are getting on rubber boat.

There are two guides per boat including paddler and speaker introducing places we gonna go.

Ride a rubber raft . . . to . . . " Thi Lo Su "

Hop on the boat. There are four passengers per boat to keep balance.

Atmosphere along riversides are cool and pleasant. Water is very chill.

Vinai (our lovely paddler and navigator)

At the beginning, the stream is moderately rapid but water looks blackish mixed with alluvium. Some parts face with rocks making it more difficult for beginners, like us. However, it's not too hard for local expert like Vinai who makes us feel safe. After an hour, we can see Sai Rung (means rainbow) Waterfall with green mos and fern along the rocks.

" Thi Lo Rae Waterfall " or " Sai Rung Waterfall "

Have to come during 10.00-11.00AM in order to see the rainbow otherwise the sun will change direction.

Unfortunately we didn't see the rainbow but get this beautiful waterfall as compensation (gotta see by yourself).

Further from Sai Rung Waterfall for 30 minutes, we jungle 7/11 and hot spring.

In the middle of long rafting route, there is a breakpoint locally called jungle 7/11 plus toilet.

There are variety of food and drinks available such as instant noodles, water, Ginger Ale, grilled egg and herbal liquor.

" Jungle 7/11 / Hot Spring "

Jungle 7/11 [toasted potato, grilled egg, Ginger Ale] best sell items.

Toilet [If you can endure, keep going] or would you prefer open air style.

At this point, there is a natural hot spring. Water isn't that hot but rocks at that area are hot. So, they make water hot too.

The route gets little more obstacles urging amusement and fear. Once reaching at Takhobi Islet,

the current is quite rapid and strong. However, our guide and paddler are experts of this route ...

making me feel relieved and ready to have fun.

Rafting for 2 hours, here we are at breakpoint equipped with toilet and small grocery beside the river.

So, we can watch beautiful view while eating. Also, the grocery owner turns on oldie songs.

Go further for an hour. We are at the end of rafting route at Baan Tha Srai. Then we walk for 500m.

to get on 4WD pick-up in order to move to camp inside Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary.

We wait fro pick-up for 2 hours since it rains. The road is not in good condition and there is only one car with distance of 10km.

It is a non-asphalt road with up and down hill. Total time is 2 hours back and forth.

Walk . . . to Thi Lo Su Waterfall

From the camp, walk inside 1.5km., around 30 minutes,

to watch natural beauty of Thi Lo Su Waterfall, the queen of west forest.

Super ready to jump into waterfall ....

With distance of 1.5km., requires 30 minutes walking. Walk easily on cement ground.

Finally . . . we see the mightiness of nature . . . Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Unfortunately the sky today is unclear plus the rain, so the pictures look blur. Anyway, I'm glad that

once in life time I have a chance to appreciate the charm of the largest waterfall in Thailand.

Behind the scene (Vinai takes this photo.)

After swimming and hurriedly take photos within 15 minutes, it's time to say goodbye . . . Thi Lo Su

Walk back to get on car and ride a raft back to resort.

While waiting for the car, we eat instant noodles from grocery nearby the camp.

However, they sell only toothpaste, powder, mosquito-repellent, instant noodle, water and some snacks.

The car pick up at 6.00PM returning to rafting point at Baan Tha Srai for going back to up stream.

Plus 45 minutes driving and arrive at resort around 10.00PM.

[ D A Y 2 ]

Watch fog sea at Doi Hua Mod

At 5.30AM we prepare to get on a car for watching fog sea and sunrise of Um Phang at Doi Hua Mod.

We arrive in 45 minutes. The weather is nice and cool with 14℃.

The route up to the hill is not too tough. Takes around 10 minutes walking.

Once arrive on top, fog sea is coming. Very beautiful.

Approximately 7.00AM, we return to accommodation for taking a shower, having breakfast and going back to Bangkok.

Thank you 2 guys (our little guides) for bringing us to ride a raft and watch sunrise moment.

It is just a simply normal food but don't know why we refill the rice.

We also get certificate . . . . Yippy!!!

Baan Kru Sun, the only souvenir shop at Um Phang

There are multiple spots for taking photos.

Lots of postcards. Really like them.

You can find souvenir T-shirt in various colors and patterns.

Write a postcard to myself . Keep it as a good memory.

Prepare to go back to Bangkok ...

Bye-bye ... I'll definitely come back if I have time . . . .

Visit Pacharoen Waterfall during the way.

A small shopping at Rim Moei Market and GO GO to Bangkok . . .

Thank you the journey for giving lots of experiences ... and also make me feel ...

Every time I travel, I always get something back and I don't take anything back, except photos.

Thank you journey for allowing me to make new friends.

Friends that I meet at this Thi Lo Su trip take a tough adventure together.

Next Station is . . .

27 - 06 - 2016