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Before making a decision to take a journey to Hong Kong, I ask myself first that "What are the attractions in Hong Kong?", "What does Hong Kong have?" and.... "Why do I have to go there, what to do in Hong Kong?"

All I just know is that "Hong Kong" is always a popular place for traveling and exploring the world. Maybe it is because traveling there is quiet easy as it does not take so long time and there are many shopping spots, beautiful attractions and especially a lot of temples for visitors to worship. Therefore, these above reasons might kind of stimulate me to take a backpack journey to this place.

We found the promotion tickets of Hongkong Airlines, therefore, we quickly reserved it with the promotion price at x,xxx baht. We even buy the Ngong Ping Cable Car in advance from Thailand which costs 960 baht, nevertheless, we did not have an opportunity to use the tickets for the ride as it is closed because of the storm during that time. Very unfortunate, I'm so sad.

Air ticket x,xxx baht

Accommodation deposit fee 1,100 baht

Budget that I exchanged 7,000 baht (have money left 3,500 baht)

Octopus Card 300 HK$ (2 cards) which I lost one of them.

Total cost is 11,000 baht only, and there is no additional cost of credit card spending.

Now, that I have explained quite a long one, so let's start our journey then.

For Hong Kong trip, I did a roughly plan before about which places we are going to visit.

DAY 1 : Worship Guan Yin Goddess at Repulse Bay -->> Watch SOL (Symphony of Lights), Avenue Of Star -->> Shopping

DAY 2 : Ngong Ping Cable Car / Worship Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery -->> Shopping at Citygate Outlet -->> Shopping in Mong Kok area

DAY 3 : Wong Tai Sin Temple - >> Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden -->> Che Kung Temple -->> Back Home

[ Day 1 ]

Worship Guan Yin Goddess at Repulse Bay -->> Watch SOL (Symphony of Lights), Avenue Of Star -->> Shopping

Before the journey, we did reserved the hotel from http://www.agoda.com website and the hotel we chose to stay for this trip is the Marrigoldostel which costs 1,100 baht per person for 3 days 2 nights.

On the journey day, I wake up and take a shower early in the morning around 04.00am then head straight to International Airport according to our appointed time (It is suggested that passengers should arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight time). Upon arriving at the airport around 06.30am, we then hurry to check-in the flight and load our baggage (as we are afraid that we will miss the flight Lol). And for this time, we are traveling with Hong Kong Airlines.

My checked baggage weights around 8.3 kilos, What!! why it is that heavy? You guys might think that I have packed too much clothes with me. Anyway, it is not like what everyone think, the true is I have packed a lot of snacks and foods with me (for example instant noodles, Fun-O crackers, sweet pork, Lays chips, canned baby clam etc.).

After finish loading our baggage, we start to feel hungry, thus, we walk toward to the food court at the 1st floor to find something to eat before our flight time which it will be another 2 more hours left.

Hainanese chicken rice served with delicious sauce costs 50 baht.

After we are done with our meal, we head to restroom and wander around the airport a bit that we almost miss our flight. Now, as the ground staff has announced the final call many times, hence, we quickly rush to the gate. Our gate is rather far as it is in the end of the terminal way. and the take off time from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Hong Kong is at 08.45am.

Finally, our journey time has come, I have got a window seat and the seat is considerably comfortable, it is just right for me, not too small. :)

There is a flight entertainment to watch and listen to the song which all the songs are quiet up-to-date. Moreover, the map would also be displayed on this monitor to show where are we right now.

After taking off for a while, air hostesses start serving the food and there are also Thai flight attendants taking care of us as well and that really gives us kind of warmth feeling. At first, I think I will not eating anything on the plane anymore as I am still pretty full from Hainanese Chicken Rice that I have just eaten. Yet, an old man who sits beside me afraid that I will lose my benefit, thus, without asking me, he ordered food for me instantly. The menu is Chicken Noodles which looks like this in the above picture and tastes quite alright indeed.

It takes us around 2 hours above the sky and it is time for landing now. The aircraft lands down smoothly and finally we have arrived at our destination safe and sound.

And the above picture is the aircraft that brought us to Hong Kong safely, Thank you very much Hongkong Airlines.

Upon arriving at Hong Kong airport, we head out from the aircraft, stop by at the restroom, fill up the water, change the sim card and when we finish all those things, we turn around and there is no one out there except our group. After getting lost for a little while, we suddenly see the immigration sign, we then walk down the elevator to take the MTR which will lead us to the immigration section.

Take MTR and hop off at E2 station, then walk up the elevator to go to immigration.

We get through the immigration checkpoint pretty easily, they just observe our faces and then everything is done, no problem at all. Now, we will go to grab our baggage. (Well, do not take any photo at the immigration area, otherwise you could be warned by the officer)

Walking out from the immigration area to take our baggage, please check the baggage claim display for the baggage belt number before to grab the baggage. Now, after finish grabbing the baggage, you could take the exit, either hall A or hall B which we choose hall B exit. Upon going out then turn right, there would be the Octopus card counter provided. For this trip, we will use the transportation both MTR and bus a lot (because it is pretty easy and convenient for new traveller like us!!! LoL)

Therefore, we need to buy Octopus card to use for the transportation fees for all the MTR and buses which additional to that you could also spend the money on the card to use at 7-11 convenience store and many more shops that have an octopus card machine available. By using the card, we do not have to be complicated about the changes and coins at all. A card costs 150HK$ (Deposit 50HK$ and the remaining would be the value in the card)

Above are "Add Value Machine" which use for adding money into the card (minimum adding value 50HK$) and only 50 and 100 banknote would be accepted. You could add the money at every MTR stations or 7-11 convenience stores.

Adding money through "Add Value Machine" simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Insert Octopus card and the monitor will display the rest of the amount for you.

2. Insert money to the money channel.

3. Press confirm again and all is done. You could take the card back and the monitor will display the total money inside the card as well.

Upon receiving our Octopus card and finish adding the value, then we walk along "To City" sign walkway.

Walk to the end of the hall way, there would be intersection to left and right, we will walk along to "Bus" sign (Turn right).

Keep walking straight till the end of the hallway.

After walking out from the building, turn right (along the sign) to go to bus station Cityflyer A21.

Travel to downtown from Hong Kong airport by bus no. A21 which will costs 33 HKD through the route. It is considerably convenient and comfort as we just take only one ride to head straight to downtown area at Nathan road which the journey would take only around 45 minutes ride.

Bus no. A21 would stop at this spot, there are a lot of passengers queue up and the line is pretty long, yet you don't have to worry as it is the first stop of this bus line.

While waiting for the bus, we enjoy posing and taking photos. We wait around 10 minutes, then the bus arrives and we do need to prepare Octopus card to scan at the machine when getting on the bus. We then have to place the baggage to the luggage storage and choose the seating in the 1st floor or the upper floor as we like.

For handicapped wheelchair storage and luggage storage.

The seating is pretty comfortable (Yet, a bit pity that it isn't a adjustable seat that we need to sit straight up all the way).

Bus route from Airport --> Hung Hom Station (From airport to downtown), and throughout the route, bus Cityflyer A21 would stop at 19 stops totally.

1st Stop: Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) - First stop where we get on the bus at the airport.
2nd Stop: Lantau Link Toll Plaza
3rd Stop: AquaMarine, Sham Mong Road
4th Stop: Fat Tseung Street West, Sham Mong Road
5th Stop: Metropark Hotel Mongkok, Lai Chi Kok Road
6th Stop: Argyle Centre, Nathan Road
7th Stop: Bank Centre, Nathan Road
8th Stop: Sino Centre, Nathan Road
9th Stop: Man Ming Lane, Nathan Road
10th Stop: Nathan Hotel, Nathan Road
11st Stop: Prudential Centre, Nathan Road
12nd Stop: Kimberley Road, Nathan Road
13rd Stop: Cameron Road, Nathan Road
14th Stop: Middle Road, Nathan Road ---> we get off at the station,
" Tsim Sha Tsui ".
15th Stop: New World Centre, Salisbury Road
16th Stop: Mody Road, Chatham Road South
17th Stop: Granville Road, Chatham Road South
18th Stop: Hong Kong Science Museum, Chatham Road South
19th Stop: Hung Hom Station

The atmosphere during the ride to downtown.

Getting off at 14th bus stop which is "Tsim Sha Tsui" area.

Walk back down to Nathan Road junction, then turn right and walk toward Tsim Sha Tsui Station.

Now, we reach at the building of our accommodation, Chungking Mansions. Then we head inside the building, turn right and turn left to take the elevator.

Our accommodation, Marigold Hostel is located at Block D - 11/F.

And this is our room in Hong Kong this time.

After get into the room, then we take a little bit rest and have some instant noodles, then we will continue our journey again. Well, we are surprised with the building that is located right next to our building, it is a residential building of Hong Kong people which the buildings are adjoined to each other and we could see the opposite site clearly.

[First destination: "Worship Guan Yin Goddess at Repulse Bay"]

Getting to Repulse Bay

Take MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Red Line) to Central Station (Red Line Terminal Station) -> Exit A. Then take the elevator to Exchange Square building and under the building would be Bus Terminal -> Take No.6, 6A, 6X, 260 around 30 minutes ride. The bus will keep on driving until it reaches at the road along the beach. From that it would take only a while and we will see a building that has a hole in the middle, then we could prepare to press a ring and get off in the next stop. After that, cross the road to the other side, then walk down to the beach of Repulse Bay. Walk along the beach to the left side around 300 meters and then will reach at Guan Yin Goddess and Mazu Goddess shrine.

Take MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Red Line) to Central Station (Red Line Terminal Station) -> Exit A.

Upon getting out, then look for the Exchange Square building. Yet, we feel perplexed as the area is full of the buildings that surrounding us. Then when one of the guys walking pass by us, we walk straight to ask him the direction where the Exchange Square is??? Unfortunately, no-one could answer us!!!... Hence, we have to guess by ourselves.

And after looking around for a while, we think Exchange Square should be the building at the opposite side that has the wide area at the underground (I think it should be a bus station area).

Start from walking out from the MTR station, then turn right and take the elevator, get across to the other side and keep on walking and you will see the signboard leading to underground floor.

At the underground floor, you will see this sign which is pretty obvious to be seen, and it means that you are on the right way. Bus lines that will take us to Repulse Bay are 6, 6A, 6X and 260, we finally choose to take bus no. 260 (because it just parks right next to us). When get on the bus, place the Octopus card to pay the fee and as there is not much people on the bus, thus, we could freely choose the seating as we prefer. Well, we get off at 11st bus stop of this bus line.

It takes us around 30-45 minutes for the ride, and then we will reach at 11st bus stop, Repulse Bay.

When you see this building that has a hole in the middle, you could prepare yourself to get off a bus in the next stop.

Repulse Bay, a crescent moon shaped beach which is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. (Really?? how come I don't feel that at all).

Tin Hau temple has a lot of sacred things inside such as Guan Yin Goddess, Mazu Goddess, God of Wealth, Yut Lau God (God of Love) which the temple is considered as Hongkong's auspicious place according to Feng Shui belief. There is also the longevity bridge which it is believed that if one cross this bridge one time could prolong the life time for another more 3 years. Yet, it is under the condition that one could just cross to the other side and could not cross back otherwise it could decrease one's life time too. Therefore, you have to cross on the bridge and walk under the bridge back. Well, we intend to visit this place to pray for the good fortune.

How to pray for the good fortune for yourself.

1. Stand at the small square point in front of Guan Yin Goddess Statue, turn yourself to face Guan Yin Goddess and make a wish by telling your name-surname, where you come from and make a wish to the Goddess. And if your wish is fulfilled, you could fulfill your vow at Wat Leng Noei Yi (Bangkok) afterwards.

2. You could notice that the standing area in front of Mazu Goddess Statue is located one circle spot on the floor. People would circle around the spot one round and step out, it means that taking all the bad things out from oneself and make your life better.

3. After that go to pray and make a wish from God of Wealth named "Cai Shen" which located in front of Guan Yin Goddess Statue. You could easily notice as there would be a lot of people gather around and touch the statue of Cai Shen all the time. The process is grab out your money and take it to touch at God of Wealth from head to bottom of the statue, then keep the money back in the wallet. Therefore, if you travel here, I would recommend you guys to wear trousers that have a pocket with it.

4. Cross the longevity bridge which is located by the beach. The bridge is painted in red color, thus, it is obvious to be noticed. It is said that if we cross this bridge, it could prolong the age of our life time 3 years more.

* *Ps. Do not cross back on the bridge as it could make your lifetime 3 years shorter.

5. Walk to the in front area of the temple to touch and rub the crystal ball at Dragon of Wealth along with make a wish and all wishes could be fulfilled.

Then come to pray for the good love with Yut Lau God (God of Love), it is said that a big book in the hand of Yut Lau God would have a name list of couple that he will bless a good love to them.

It is believed that those who could throw a coin into the mouth of this yellow fish in the first time, their wishes that pray to Guan Yin Goddess and Mazu Goddess would come true.

Now, our mission of praying for good luck is done.

And it is time to a journey back to do some shopping at Mong Kok area.

Taking a bus during night time in Hong Kong is considerably a scary thing for me because I sit on the upper floor (at the most front seating). You could take bus No.6, 6A, 260 back to Exchange Square and the ride will take around 30 minutes. From Exchange Square, Take MTR at Central station to Mong Kok station and walk out at Exit E2.

The atmosphere during the night time (the street is closed), the rain is falling down. Although the weather is not that good, yet we still take a walk and do the shopping for a while before going back.

Take MTR at Mong Kok station (Red line, terminal station is Central Station) and get off at Tsim Sha Tsui station

-> Exit C1 (Green color).

Get off at Tsim Sha Tsui station.

Walk along "C" sign.

Then, take C1 exit.

And this is the entrance of our accommodation during the night time.

[ Day 2 ]

Ngong Ping Cable Car/ Worship Big Buddha at Polin Monastery -->> Shopping at Citygate Outlet -->> Shopping at Mong Kok area.

Today, let's start from MTR station and walk toward B2 Cameron Road (then take the escalator) to have a meal at Yoshinoya cuisine.

Our menus for breakfast (Well, we have been cheated for the food price for $4).

The atmosphere inside the cuisine looks like no-one cares about each other at all.

This meal costs $29, their noodles is pretty tasty and we like their soup a lot.

Getting to Ngong Ping Cable Car, Visit Ngong Ping Cultural Village and Worship Big Buddha at Polin Monastery.

Take MTR Tsim Sha Tsui station (Red line, Tsuen Wan terminal station)

Then change to the yellow line at Lai King station and get off at Tung Chung station.

On the way, the atmosphere after the rain is always beautiful (We take these pictures through the mirror of MTR).

Hop off the MTR -->> Exit B (Terminal station of the yellow line)

Up from the escalator, you will find Arome shop that sells bread in reasonable price that I would recommend you guys buy it to eat during you visit Polin Monastery (In case you are hungry on the way).

I bought a piece of bread and it costs only $9.

Touch the card to get out and walk along B sign, then turn right.

Walk through Citygate building and go across the road.

The ascending way to Ngong Ping Cable Car is located under the building.

Unfortunately, the cable car is closed today because of the storm. :(

We could only look at the entrance way up to the cable car (Yet, we don't have a chance to go up there). Well, we are super bad luck this time.

Visitor could travel by bus to worship the Big Buddha as well by walking to the end of the way and then turn right to take bus No. 23 from the bus terminal of Tung Chung station which is located next to the cable car area. This way would be rather tired as the bus will ride along the dam and mountain's rim and it will take around 45 minutes which costs 16HK$ during weekdays and 23HK$ for holidays.

The upper floor would be the area where visitor get on Ngong Ping Cable Car to go worship Big Buddha.

Walking along the Bus 23 sign.

The ride takes us around 1 hour and the ticket costs 34HK$ for the round trip. And in the picture above is where bus No.23 send us off to go worship Big Buddha.

Then walk along the signboard.

Take some photos during waiting to go using the restroom.

Big Buddha at Ngong Ping.

Keep walking, then we will get pass this gate which looks splendid and superior, I really like it.

The atmosphere around the entrance till the ascending way to Big Buddha.

The ascending way to Big Buddha.

The Buddha statue is made of bronze which weight at 250 tons and 34 meters tall, sit on the blooming lotus flower base with the right hand raising and the left hand is laying bare on the lap. The eyes of Big Buddha are looking down as if Buddha is blessing all of us who comes to worship at this place.

If you guys would like to walk up to admire the Big Buddha in the near distance, you need to walk up in total of 268 step of stairs to the above area. I think the adjacent way to the Big Buddha is similar like the way up to Doi Suthep in our country.

Throughout the way that we walk up, there would be stop points along the way, hence, you could stop to take photo or watch the view. Now, when you reach at the top, you could see the atmosphere of Hong Kong Island clearly. There is no fee for walking up to the Big Buddha, yet there is 60 HK$ fee if you would like to visit under the base of the Big Buddha.

There are postcards of the temple selling at 10 HK$.

Along the way, we continually stop by to take photos and watch the beautiful scenery.

When we keep walking up and turn our back to look at the lower area, the view is splendid and there is a fog floating by.

Now, we have reached at the top and once we arrive at the above area, all of our tiredness is completely disappeared. We stop and watch the view there for quite some time, then suddenly our goose bumps as the weather is pretty cold with the strong wind flowing by.

And suddenly, the rain starts to fall down pretty hard, we manage to run to the Bid Buddha's base to hide ourselves from the rain. Then we wait there for a while, and decide to run in the rain to head back down to the Polin monastery which located at below area.

Taking photo is prohibited inside the Polin Monastery, it only is allowed to worship the Buddha Statue inside. From here, I watch back and try to take photo of Big Buddha, however, as it is raining so the thick fog has covered the area above that we could hardly see the Big Buddha.

Upon leaving Polin Monastery, we walk back to Ngong Ping Village amongst the atmosphere of the shower and heavy rain periodically.

The entrance to Ngong Ping Village.

There is a map available as well, yet the route is pretty easy to walk because you just walk after other persons in the front and you would not getting lost for sure. On the board, it is also indicated that "Wifi Available", anyway I did not try connect it.

Since the rain is continuously falling down that make most of the shops close so there is not much things for us to see here, hence, we would prepare to head back and walk to the bus terminal to wait for a bus to go down which it takes around half an hour for a bus to come.

Upon arriving at the below area, my stomach is growling, and as I see the pizza promotion sign, I then head straightly to grab one.

What I have expected and what I have got is not the same, I have expected a whole pan of pizza for 33HK$, yet I have got only one piece of it.

Then we continue eating a set of Gyoza and Corn Soup at the food court on the above floor. After that, we walk around and do some shopping in City Gate, however, we didn't buy anything from here. Now, we feel a bit tired, thus, we will head back to our accommodation.

Take MTR Tung Chung Station (Yellow Line, Terminal Station is Hong Kong Station) and get off at Lai King Station.

Then connect to the Red Line and get off at Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Terminal Station is Central Station) -> Exit C2.

[ Day 3 ]

Wong Tai Sin Temple - >> Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden -->> Che Kung Temple -->> Back Home

Wang Tai Sin Temple

Take MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Red Line, Terminal Station: Tsuen Wan) to Yau Ma Tei Station.

Then connect to Green Line to Wong Tai Sin Station -> Exit B (Green Line, Terminal Station: Tiu Keng Leng)

Go out at Exit B, then turn right to walk up on the stairs and you will see the temple in front of you (On the left).

Along the way, there are people selling incense and candle (you want to buy it or not is up to you)

There are a lot of shops selling the talisman in red color on the left. As the first shop that we saw, the seller could speak Thai so we decide to buy things from him.

Small size bottle gourd costs 28HK$ while a big size costs 38HK$. It is believed that bottle gourd will bring healthy and draw the wealthy to life (After worshipping it with the Buddha, you could take it back home)

For the first time worshiping here, visitor will use a pack of short incense costs 10HK$ while long incense costs 15HK$ (It is differentiated by the wish you will pray for) and if you would like to fulfill the vow, you would have to use a set of incense and joss papers which costs 35HK$.

For me, I buy a pack of long incense which costs 15HK$. Well, the ashes of the incense at Wong Tai Sin temple is not hot nor hurt your hand when it falls down. Now after finish buying a worshiping set, then we will walk along the signboard to the temple (There would be officers to help telling the direction).

Walk straight up on the stairs.

This is the area for lighting the incense (the incense is pretty hard to lit it up, I would say).

There are a lot of people come here to pray for their wishes and draw fortune sticks (which it is believed that a fortune telling from fortune sticks here is rather accurate).

There are 3 spots for praying, first spot starts praying from the front area, then walk to the right side to pray at the second spot, after that walk down on the stairs to pray at the third spot which there would be direction sign along the way too. After finish worshiping, walk out from the temple, there is a dragon statue situated in front of the temple, touch the dragon statue and make a wish as well.

Pray at the first spot, there is a blessing words written in Chinese on the incense (Yet, I couldn't read or understand it. :)

Second Spot.

Third Spot.

Now, after finish worshiping, most of people would go up to draw the fortune sticks (They all say that the fortune telling is really accurate), yet I am not that interested, thus, I rather walk around to take photos of the temple's atmosphere instead.

Do not forget!!! to rub the dragon statue's nose, face, body and feet as this is a belief of Hong Kong people for the good things. As you could see that everyone will walk toward and gather up around the dragon statue, some take a selfie photo and some intentionally rub the statue like they are looking for the number (look at its nose and you will understand).

Chi Lin Nunnery / Nan Lian Garden

From Wong Tai Sin Temple, we will head to Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden next by taking MTR as always.

**Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden are located next to each other, you could enter Nan Lian Garden first and then cross a rock bridge to Chi Lin Nunnery**

The place is opened free of charge which the opening time is between 07.00am - 09.00pm.

Take MTR Wong Tai Sin Station (Green Line, Terminal Station: Tiu Keng Leng)

Then get off at Diamond Hill Station- > Exit C2

Walking outside, you will see the elevator leading into Plaza Hollywood Mall, then turn right to the exit to the outside area.

Walk out to the roadside, you will see the directions telling the way (then turn left).

Keep walking for approximately 100 meters further then cross the road at the intersection and the entrance gate to Nan Lian Garden would be in the opposite side (The garden is located just underneath the bridge).

The highlight here is the Chinese golden pavilion which looks spectacular and it gives us the feeling like we are traveling in Japan. (Too bad, it is prohibited to visit inside)

It is the most beautiful public park that we ever seen, we could see the greenery and shady trees which are very refreshing. I think if our country has a tranquil park like this!! I promise to myself, I will go out running every day.

And this is the greenery park in the middle of Hong Kong city.

The atmosphere inside the garden, there are waterfall, a lot of species of flower, butterflies and an interesting shape of rocks. The garden has been decorated and designed similar to Japanese garden (During the time we visit, some part of the garden is under construction). Well, now as the rain is about to fall, the photos that we took do not look as beautiful as they should be.

Get across the rock bridge to Chi Lin Nunnery.

Chi Lin Nunnery (the place has only nun and there is no monk inside)

This temple was built in 1989 which the construction is not using any nail at all, yet they use the wood plate to connect all the structure together and the decoration style of the temple is decorated according to a period of Tang Dynasty.

The opening hour is at 09.00am - 03.00pm. (Closed on Wednesday)

**It is strictly prohibited to take photo inside the area**

After walking inside this gate, it will be an inside zone which looks similar to the main hall that was enshrined Maitreya Buddha statue, Sakayamunee Buddha Statue, Guan Yin Goddess Statue and many more. Taking photo is prohibited inside and there would be officers observe at all time.

After finish taking a photo of the atmosphere of Chi Lin Nunnery, then we will go to visit Che Kung Miu (Che Kung Temple) next to worship and bring the wheel of fortune back home.

Che Kung Miu Temple (Che Kung Wheel Temple)

Walk on the same route to head into MTR station.

Starting from green line Diamond Hill Station that has Yau Ma Tei Station as the terminal station.

(The right picture is MTR Blue Line, Terminal Station: East Tsim Sha Tsui)

Then get off at Kowloon Tong to change to Blue Line (East Rail Line) which heading to Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau direction.

From Hung Hom Station (Light Blue Line) ----> get off at Tai Wai Station.

Waiting for the train to Tai Wai.

Take Exit B (Che Kung Temple).

Walk out from the building along the left side way, then walk along the walk way to the outside area around 100 meters.

Again walk out from the building and you will see the road, then turn left along the direction.

From here, you will see the red wall of the temple on the right hand side. Then wait up for the traffic sign to cross the small intersection and after that walk down to the subway, then turn right.

Get through the other side which is the location of Che Kung Temple.

After get through the other side, then turn left along the direction, you will enter to the side gate of the temple.

In 300 years ago, this temple is originally a small ancient temple that conserves the ancient site which is located at the back area of the new building. The new building of the temple was finished the construction in 1993 in the area of 50000 sq.f. Inside the temple, there is a large statue of Che Kung which is a God of this temple, and located just beside Che Kung are the ancient weapon of the soldier in the past, a lot of fan-bladed wheels and two drums on both sides.

People who visit Che Kung Temple will not miss out to turn the wheels or it is called "fortune wheels" to bring just only the good things into lives. And before leaving the temple, you also should hit the drum loudly for a good fortune as well.

The meaning of 4 bladed wheels of fortune is as follow:

  1. Safe journey.
  2. Healthy and longevity.
  3. Good fortune and wealth.
  4. All the wishes fulfilled.

The opening time of Che Kung Temple from 07.00am -06.00pm.

The upper picture is the side gate to the temple (it is better if you could walk and go inside the temple at the main entrance gate).

After we walk into the temple's gate, on the left side would be the area that selling candle and incense for worship Che Kung God.

The officer will advise us how to buy the set of incense and candle, they even could speak in Thai language.

Visitors could choose to buy any set as they prefer and there would be the officer to give the advise to us whether we come alone, come with family or couple. The worship set would consist of 1 set of joss papers, 3 red dragon candles and 1 bundle of small incenses.

A set costs 68HK$.

Write down the name and surname along with the birthday and wishes into the joss papers for a good fortune and ward off all the bad lucks by not letting them come close.

The suggestion how to write and pray for your wish.

After finish writing the name, then bring the incense to the officer at the area on the left side, they will lighten the incense for us. Take the incense back and get ready to make a wish from Che Kung God.

Start from worship Tian Gong (Jade Emperor) and Tu Di Gong (Landlord God) which the worship area is located at the open air. The dragon incense in Guangdong is called "Long Heng". Moreover, as Che Kung God is not a monk, thus, we need to worship Tian Gong and Tu Di Gong first to open the way to worship the Che Kung God which we will use this dragon incense in worshipping him.

How to worship Tian Gong:

1. Firstly, turn yourself to face the exit of the temple and tell Tian Gong the name, address, age and the purpose why you come to worship at this temple in this time. After lighting the incense, there would be a prayer: "Today is (d/m/y), I am (name-surname) born on (birthday d/m/y) live at (place) come to worship Che Kung God. I would like to beg for the power and mercy of Che Kung God, please fulfill my wish, let me be successful in work and business throughout this year. Above of all, I beg Che Kung God, please help me dispel all the bad things from my life"

2. Then turn back to inner side and put the 3 incenses at the middle pitcher.

3. Next take small incenses to pray by telling your name and surname once again. Put the the small incenses into all 3 pitchers which each pitchers would put 3 incenses.

Don't forget!!! to pray Tu Di Gong at the the entrance gate too.

4. After put those 3 incenses already, we will have a big bunch of incenses left, separate 3 incenses out of it in order to pray and put in the inside area later. The remaining big bunch incenses, you could straightly put them into the outside area pitcher before going inside.

***Then bring other 3 incenses and walk inside, intentionally praying your wish to Che Kung God***

How to pray for the fortune from Che Kung God:

Pray along with 3 incenses and joss papers that you prepared, then attentively look at the Che Kung God's face then pray "Today is (d/m/y), I am (name-surname) born on (birthday d/m/y) live at (place) come to worship Che Kung God. I would like to beg for the power and mercy of Che Kung God, please fulfill my wish, let me be successful in work and business throughout this year. Above of all, I beg Che Kung God, please help me dismish all the bad things from my life"

Tips: When praying, please concentrate and when you make a wish, do speak out only the good things, don't say a bad word, then after making your wish, put the 3 incenses into the pitcher. For the joss papers, put it into the cart which is provided at the front area and there would be the officer help taking those joss papers to perform the ritual later (I haven't taken a photo of it).

Then walk toward to turn fan-bladed wheels of fortune 3 times.

How to turn the fan-bladed wheels

In order to turn this brass fortune wheel, before turn it 3 times you should pray:

"Today is (d/m/y), I am (name-surname) born on (birthday d/m/y) live at (place) come to worship Che Kung God. I would like to beg for the power and mercy of Che Kung God, please bless me through this "wheels of fortune", let it bring only a good things into my life and family, let me be successful in work and business, draw a good luck, wealthy and prosperity to my life throughout this year"

After finish praying, you could turn the wheels of fortune by using your forefinger to turn the wheels clockwise 3 times.

After that walk to beat the drum loudly 3 times to ensure your wishes could be fulfilled and let all the God acknowledges your wishes.

Chai Shen God, the god of wealth.

There are many auspicious objects to choose from such as money and gold bag which represent rich and wealthy.

Moreover, there are many kinds of talisman for worship Che Kung God whether it be standing talisman or hanging in the car or keep at home.

How to pray for your wish from a wheel of fortune locket.

For those who believe and worship wheels of fortune locket, you could bring it back and pray for your wish more as following:

"Today is (d/m/y), I am (name-surname) born on (birthday d/m/y) come to worship Che Kung God. I would like to beg for the power and mercy of Che Kung God, please bless me through this "wheels of fortune", let it bring only a good things into my life including good luck, wealthy and a success in business. Please let this 4 bladed wheel of fortune lead me to face only a good things including

1. Be safe on every journey.

2. Healthy and longevity.

3. Good fortune and wealthy.

4. Let all of my wishes come true. please"

First time to start wear a wheel of fortune locket (and should also pray to Che Kung God in the same time )

  • Person who born on Sunday should wear it for the first time on Thursday.
  • Person who born on Monday should wear it for the first time on Wednesday noon.
  • Person who born on Tuesday should wear it for the first time on Friday.
  • Person who born on Wednesday noon should wear it for the first time on Monday.
  • Person who born on Wednesday night should wear it for the first time on Saturday.
  • Person who born on Thursday should wear it for the first time on Sunday.
  • Person who born on Friday should wear it for the first time on Tuesday.
  • Person who born on Saturday should wear it for the first time on Wednesday night.

The atmosphere inside around the ground of Che Kong Miu Temple.

After finish praying for the good fortune, we then head back to the accommodation to grab our baggage and go to the airport.

From Tai Wai Station (Blue Line, terminal station is East Tsim Sha Tsui)

Get off at Hung Hom Station.

Then change the line to Green Line at Kowloon Tong Station.

Get off at Yau Ma Tei Station.

Then connect to Red Line to Tsim Sha Tsui Station (Terminal Station: Central Station).

Head back to grab our baggage at the hotel and then we will stop by at the post office a bit. In the journey to each places, apart from photos I took, I usually find some postcards for souvenir and keep for a touchable good memory.

Stop by to send postcard.

Buy the stamp and drop at "Air" channel (It will take 2 weeks delivery to Thailand).

After that, we will head back to the airport from Tsim Sha Tsui by Cityflyer bus A21.

We will get on the bus at the opposite side when we arrived here.

Get across the tunnel to get on the bus at Nathan road which the road will lead toward Mong Kok way. Get on the bus at the bus stop that is indicated A21 bus, the ride will take around 10 minutes per round.

Get off at Terminal 1 and walk to the end of the way (Row K).

Passengers could do the self check-in at this machine by placing your passport and type in your flight number, then wait to receive the boarding pass.

Then go to load the baggage (passengers could do all the process by themselves). Moreover, there is Thai language menu available for us to choose from (So quick and convenient).

Then walk into Departure zone, check the gate of the flight and walk along the direction sign.

Take a train to the Gate which there are 2 stops and our gate is number 228.

This is the train that will travel to the gates (we get off at second stop).

Get off from the train, then go up to the escalator and walk along the sign.

We arrive at the gate early this time, thus, we don't have to be worried about Final Call like the day that we came here. The airport management here is pretty fast, it is only immigration area that takes quite some time.

The atmosphere outside seems that the rain keeps falling down.

Our flight starts to set off at 06.00pm and reach Thailand around 07.50pm.

The distance takes around 2 hours.

The atmosphere during the evening time on the plane.

In-flight food today has Croissant which is pretty tasty or maybe I am hungry so it tastes really good for me.

After finish eating the meal, I do have some rest a little.

Finally, we arrive Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) at 07.50pm safe and sound.

I hope that this review could be a choice for those who like to travel abroad in an easy way by yourself.

"We go on the journey to live our lives on our own styles."