Doi Sa Ngo : Live like AKHA

Let's get to know more about Doi Sa Ngo

Doi Sa Ngo is located in Baan Sa Ngo, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai. It is Akha Village where they develop to be ecotourism tourist attraction about Akha Culture.

As we have a chance to talk with the villager who starts and establishes Doi Sa Ngo Viewpoint, he said "There is a view beautiful viewpoint of the 3 countries, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. You also can enjoy natural beauty around you, sea clouds all over the place in the morning and beautiful sunset in the evening. Moreover, people will also learn and see the traditional life of Akha, how we live, how we play. This also can bring a lot of income to the community and bring the community to the sustainable development"

At the top of my mount, my little stars are flashing in the sky.

Cold wind blowing gently appeased.

Forest Grove flower dew still challenging to see.

The running Mekong River and Beautiful Lake.

** Even as far as the horizon, still gather around the fire.

Stars on Mount extremely bright flashing dazzling is persuasive to watch.

Look to the far end that makes the dreams fly.

What a delight to have a star on the ground to enjoy.

Morning Mist is to dream of together with mount dwellers to learn.

The sun came up to greetings and say goodbye.

Come to Sa Ngo Mount to see natural beauty.

It is memorable, you will definitely want to come back again.

(Song : Doi Sa Ngo, Lyric : Songpon Sukruen)


GPS : 20°20'51.0"N 100°01'59.5"E

It is easy to get to Doi Sa Ngo, any car be reached there. We rent a car from Chiang Rai and drive up there.

- From Chiang Rai take Road No. 1 (Bangkok - Mae Sai) then follow the sign to Mae Chan District about 30 KM.

- At Mae Chan Intersection turn right to Road No. 1016 (Chiang Saen - Mae Chan) then follow the sign to Chiang Saen District about 30 KM.

- At the traffic circle before arriving to Chiang Saen city center, turn right to Road No. 1290 (Mae Sai - Chiang Kong) then continue driving to Golden Triangle about 9 KM.

- We will see the viewpoint and the big sign of Golden Triangle Sign on the right and the sign to Baan Sa Ngo Or Sa Ngo Royal Project Development Center is on the left. Then continue driving about 6 KM. from the entrance of Golden Triangle to the village (There is 1.5 KM. of steep heel the rest is smooth road). There is a parking fee for 50 THB per car.

- The viewpoint, resorts and camping areas are located at the top of the mountain, we have to walk up about 500 meters on a very narrow and steep road. So from the park lot, there is Mini-tractor service to the top for 100 THB per round capacity of 7 - 8 people. Some of tourists prefer to walk or even drive the 4WD up there by themselves.

What will you see at Doi Sa Ngo...

You will see....The traditional way of life of Akha

We begin to see the village since we come up on the mountain. The village is clean and we often see villagers gather to talk at the bonfire. There is also a small temple at the top where is the center of villagers' faith. And there are grocery shops up here as well.

You will see.... Smiles and have fun with traditional plays of Akha

The swing is the traditional play of Akha to pray for "Imsayae", the goddess of plenty of the food crops and to celebrate for Crops that thrive and awaiting harvest. So we will see the swing in almost every corner of Doi Sa Ngo. Moreover, tourists also can play with the traditional swing of Akha.

You will see... 3 countries at one point

At the top of Doi Sa Ngo we will see the 3 countries beside Mae Khong River which are Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. It is very valuable to visit.

You will see...The beautiful sunset ever

We can see the view of Chiang Rai and the beautiful sunset ever...It is so ROMANTIC^^.

You can try... Akha Traditional Food

Khan Tok Akha Style, mostly are sticky rice with other dishes such as grilled pork, chilli paste, pickle and fresh vegetables. These products villagers plant by themselves so it is quite organic.

You also can enjoy ... The show from children of the village

At the activities area where is the place to eat for visitors. While waiting for the food, there will be the video about Doi Sa Ngo History and the photos of King Rama 9 when he visited people of Doi Sa Ngo. Then we have dinner and enjoy the show of children in traditional clothes such as dancing and singing. Among the dark night there is a small point of light that creates a warm and impress for visitors.

You will see... Million of stars

In the darkness we will see million stars on the sky which you cannot find anything like this when you are in the city. The natural beauty always makes us so excited and calm.

And you will see... The 360-degree of sea clouds

Another highlight of Doi Sa Ngo is sea clouds that will cover all over the place and it is also another landmark for sea clouds in Chiang Rai that is very amazing to see.


- There are homestay or camping area as your preference. For the price of homestay is depend on the size of the house. (We stay in a house for 3 pax at 1,500THB including breakfast so average about 500 THB per person).

- Khan Tok Akha Style is 250 - 1,000 THB

- The shows is free during dinner

- Parking fee, Overnight 50 THB and Temporary 30 THB

- Mini - Tractor or 4WD service to the top of the mountain 100 THB per round capacity of 7 - 8 pax

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