♫ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫ ... Khai Yoi has said that those who are going to the sea are whether escape from the heat or just break up with their lovers but for us it is totally wrong, we are going to eat a lot of fresh crabs.

This trip is according to the current travel trends in the concept of "Travel uniquely with Traditional Thai way of traveling" that aims to rise up the local tourism business.

I have promised with the village chief, Khun Narongchai who is the owner of a homestay on Koh Jik Island that I will help to raise the awareness of the tourism on the island one way or another. The tourism on Koh Jik Island, Klung District - Chanthaburi is famous for its well-managed ecotourism.

If we are talking about the village on the islands in Chanthaburi, most of the people would think of the famous Baan Talay Dao, Moom Thale Chan , Aloha, Ban Khayang, and Bangchan District. And if I talk about Koh Jik Islands, people might have no clue what I am talking about. I get to know this place by one of my friends and since I have never heard about it before, I feel like going there even more.

Chief Narongchai has explained the history of Koh Jik Island roughly that...

His Royal Highness Prince Abhakara Kiartiwongse was the founder and named this group of islands as Moo Koh Jik (Koh Jik Islands). Koh Jik Islands have 3 islands in total including Koh Jik Nai in Lamngob, Trad Province, Koh Jik Klang and Koh Jik Nok in Klung, Chanthaburi Province. The reason why it is named as Koh Jik is that there are a lot of trees named Jik in the old days.

Chief Narongchai has been the main leader who has developed this little village very well together with his villagers. The local bank, power plant, health center, post office, kindergarten, primary school, temple, and ecotourism center have been well set up. And this trip we will be taken care by Chief Narongchai.

The travel package on the island is including 2 days and 1 night trip, accommodation at homestay, round trip ferry, and 3 meals (can be any).

We start our journey by driving to Ang-Krapong Pier which is the same direction to the pier that goes to Koh Chang Island. However, you might find it difficult to see the signage that can lead you to the pier but you can always call Chief Narongchai anytime for any helps :). We park our car at Ang-Krapong Pier and take the ferry from here to Koh Jik.

This is our accommodation for tonight.

Here is the village chief, Khun Narongchai. ^_^

There is even a Welcome Drink provided, it is a fresh coconut juice.

Let's take a look at this Homestay!

This homestay can accommodate up to 10 people. You will sleep on a mat in the mosquito nets and there is a lot of electric fans available so you don't need to be worried that it will be too hot.

Our model ^^

There are 4 bathrooms in total.

We have arrived in the late afternoon and today's program is to walk through the local village and take a boat ride around the island with Chief Narongchai.

Let's walk through the local village!

We have been greeting the locals as well as asking the permission to take some photos in their houses along the way. :)

Look at this old shaved ice machine! We have seen this one before when we were young. And of course this menu is very popular among the children.

Fishing equipment can be seen all around the village reflecting their way of living.

People here are pretty tan with totally white teeth. ^^

We are also led up to the view point in the mountain top.

And now it is time to go around the island by boat.

Chief Narongchai volunteers to be the driver by himself this time, we are so honored.

We even stop in the middle of the sea to buy the freshly caught squid from the local fisherman.

The small fishing boats should be out while the sea is calm.

The dinner time that we have been waiting for has come and there is a lot of fresh seafood such as squid, shrimp, crab, and fish.

I have to be very quick in taking photos of the food before it will be all gone in a second. ^__^

We have brought some Lao beer with us as well.

This is how it looks like at the end. T_T

Tonight the sky is brighten up with the full moon so we can't do stargazing much and it is time to say good night for now....

The morning has come and I am waken up by the bright sunlight that come straight into the bedroom. Well, this is great because I can capture some beautiful sunrise moment right ahead. ♥

I can feel the warmth of the morning sunlight.

We have made our bed well after waking up.

This trip is after the end of the Buddhist lent so we were told since last night that we need to wake up early, Chief Narongchai would take us to offer food to the monks.

It is time for breakfast and our breakfast menu is this Thai Rice Soup With Shrimp and Squid with some coffee and Chinese donuts.

We make the second round through the local village again right after the breakfast.

Ban Koh Jik Pier.

Chief Narongchai also introduces his collection of the plants named "Billionaire". People believe that they will bring the wealthiness to the host and he is so kind to give some of them to us so we can bring back home.

We don't miss to do this adventure activity here either, kayaking.

We also take a walk on the other side of the island.

There is a rubber tree farm here as well.

The way they dry the fishes.

I am working on the postcard while waiting for lunch. ^^

I still haven't finished writing the postcard but lunch is ready and it makes my mouth water.

Fried Crab with Glass Noodles.

Very tasty Spicy Crab's Roe Sauce.

Deep-fried King mackerel.

After having all these menus, we are totally full. We need to rest for a bit and let all these food digested before going back to the working mode back in Bangkok. If you have time, don't forget to come over and stay with Chief Narongchai it can be like weekend getaway that you can relax completely. ^_^ For more information please contact Chief Narongchai, Telephone: 081-9953533

... "Travel uniquely with Traditional Thai way of traveling"

By Lingple - [email protected]


 Monday, July 6, 2015 9:41 AM