Iran, the fascinating civilizing of Persia, according to the first part, you all might get some picture that Iran is so charming amazing and has so many tourist attraction places. It is not that scary as many people think, people here are very nice and kind so just open your mind. Alright, let continue with the second part of the journey; Aqda - Isfahan - Kashan.

The civilizion of Persia (Part 1 of the journey)

>> Aqda

After leaving Kharanaq Village to Aqda, it is an old city aged of 800 year ago..

This is the only hotel in the city where we are going to stay Khaloo Mirza Traditional Hotel. From the out side, it does not look so elegant as in side.

The lobby

Our bedroom

Another bedroom type (we did not choose this one)

Look around, these all are real soil houses, it is so amazing. ^_^

Try to be the local :)

Let's go to school...they are so cute^^

Gas station

>> Isfahan

Imam Square is one of World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Around Imam Square, there are Masajed, Mosque, Barzar. You can find a lot souvenir shop around here.

The license plate is in Persian Number...No. 5 is a Heart, so cute ^_^

The public park is in the middle.

>> Abyaneh Village

This is an old village that is very famous for tourist attraction place here. The village is age of 2,500 years, all houses are made by soil and all people here are still living in traditional way as before.

Walking up here to get this view....

Really like a very blue sky ^^

Then come back to the village

>> Kashan

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Look through the small hole and you will see...

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse : the ancient bathroom (Entrance fee 150 THB)

Borujerdi Historical House

Khaju bridge

The hotel that will stay at Kashan

>> About Bazaar in Iran

The Bazaar opens at noon during weekend. All banks close during the weekend so you should be prepare about the money, I would suggest you to exchange at the airport.

Colorful of spices

Nuts and dried fruits

(all prices are in Persian number)

Souvenirs zone

Persian Carpet

Look up!!! :)

>> The salt sea : Hoz - e - soltan salt lake

During the way to Tehran Airport, there is a salt sea name Hoz - e - soltan salt lake so we stop by...

Look endless>>>

Another gangster that comes to the salt sea

Beautiful sunset at the salt sea...

It is time to go home...missing home mission Thai Food....

As you can see...Iran is also another place that you can visit, another fascinating country. Mostly, people always think that the place that they have never been is far away. But if you do not go, you will not know how far is it???

The period that we go is 29 Dec 2016 - 6 Jan 2017

Total expense of 17,000 THB including food, hotel, transportation and visa (exclude plane ticket)

PS : All photo in this in this trip are taken by Gopro Hero4 Camera

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