Would you let your regular Sunday pass regularly?
Most of you would wait for fine weekend and wish to sleep all day as a rest but sometimes going out and find something nice to eat could be a nice rest either.

This Sunday, I will give myself a huge reward, not kind of normal buffet but special brunch as "Indian Fusion Food". It would be a new challenge for you to try unfamiliar food. Such a wonderful experience.

But don't worry! If you feel like I don't want to try that much Indian food, will it worth. There are other kinds of food for you. Here we called International food and Indian fusion restaurant.

Other international selection such as fresh seafood, fresh pasta, sushi, sashimi and other delicious mini cakes, pastries, fresh fruit and ice-cream. It seems like Indian fusion is the main character but we can choose other choices.

Pasta station

Let's start with transportation! Today we are going to use top hit transportation which is BTS skytrain. You need to get off at Phrom - Phong station and walk around 350 meters, google map will be a good assistance, take exit 6 and walk towards soi 22 approximately 5 minutes to reach Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit at corner of Sukhumvit soi 22.

When you see Holiday Inn Sukhumvit, walk straight into it and take elevator to
29th floor. You will reach a restaurant with good decorations like this...

Before we move on to the nice view, let's eat some nice food first.
Start with the main character as mentioned, Indian Fusion Foooodddd~

Sabz Makhan Wala

Indian rice is taper and doesn't dry as it looks like.
The taste is good and soft like Thai rice.

This plate is also good, looks alike to Thai curry.
You can eat with rice or naan bread.

Masala Doza / The food was cooked by chef freshly.

Bhindi Kurkure (Crispy tossed with tangy spices) The delicious one!
Kind of batter-fried vegetables but it is spiced-flour, the taste was like barbecue.

Roasted Popadum

Murgh Peshwari Tikka (Chicken thigh marinated with kashmiri chili
and peshawari spices, flamed in tandoor)

As I've said before, there is not only Indian Fusion food but others,
let's the pictures tell you...

Fresh sushi


Seafood station, so fresh and oyster is the best

Pasta Station

Pasta with lamp sauce

Simple salad bar

Let's end with dessert.

Lemon tart
Almost pound cakes are delicious.

Coconut cake

Phirnee (Rice pudding)

Strawberry jelly

Thai desserts

Chocolate fondue with fruits.

The decorations are luxurious, beautiful, charming and looks modern. I appreciate much. There are many sizes of tables for many types of customers such as single, couples, small groups or big groups. You can bring your family or your couple here to try Indian Food as their new experience even bring your business partner to discuss about business.

Customer service was also impressing. they were nice and friendly and they took care us a lot. As I'd never tried Indian Food before, I asked a lot from the staff about the taste and ingredients. Do not just keep your curious inside, the staffs are willing to help

For the terrace, in the day time, it is the area for customers to smoke and stay to enjoy the view. You can see BTS route from here. In the night time, it is an area to take the air and sip some drinks as chilling out side.

If you want to go shopping after you are full, it has been so easy because this restaurant locates near The Emquartier and Emporium. It is also convenient to go other places because it locates near BTS sky train though.

Sunday Promotion
Serving a wide variety of Indian authentic cuisine selection both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with full option of briyani and naans. Other international selection such as fresh seafood, fresh pasta, sushi and sashimi are also available.
Not to mention the dessert station including Indian specialty such as Gulab Jamun and other delicious mini cakes, pastries, fresh fruit and ice-cream.

3 Types of Indian style Lassi are included in the buffet. THB 800++ per person includes free flow Indian lassi. THB 1200++ per person includes free flow soft drinks, wine and beer.

How to Find
BTS - Phrom Phong station Exit 6 and walk towards soi 22 approximately 5 minutes to reach Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit at corner of Sukhumvit soi 22

Level 29 Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Opening Hours
Sunday Brunch 11:30 hours – 15:00 hours
Dinner Open 18:00 -midnight
Bar open18:00 - 1:00 hours
A la carte dinner 17:00 - 24:00 hours
Bar open until 01:00 hours

Seating capacity
Main restaurant 85 seats
2 Private rooms 10 seats and 8 seats
Bar with casual dining 47 seats

Smoking area
Cigars are available, smoking outside on the terrace

Reservations 02 683 4888


Written by WongGlom.
Translated by Parn Pancharoen

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 Monday, August 6, 2018 11:03 PM