It's our First day for the program but since our train depart on 8pm (It's a SLEEPING TRAIN!) so our lovely Tour Guide from Local Alike has arrange a tour in Chinatown, Bangkok for us. Let me show you where we had been and some delicious local foods recommended by the Local!

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

First we had arrived to the biggest and most important Chinese Temple in Bangkok which is the Wat Mangkon Kamalawat .Upon entrance you will be amazed by statues of the four guardians of the world.

The temple is built in a classic Chinese Architecture style which I'm so familiar with and I have to admit it is a good place for some insta-worth photo!

Do remember to draw a fortune stick and see how your fortune will be, but the fortune is described in chinese and thai, maybe you can get someone to translate to you if you don't know any of these languages.

After that we went through a narrow street with a lot of shops selling varieties of food and groceries. It's a nice walk to see the local culture here.

Plang Nam Chicken Rice Stall

At lunch hour, our lovely guide brought us to a chicken rice stall where you can't see any tourist in it. It's a hidden gem as only local know how delicious it is (until we came along)

As a Malaysian, I do love Chicken Rice. Thai Chicken Rice has it's own unique way to serve which is together with a small bowl of spices with soya sauce and I love it so much.

Tai Hong Kong Shrine

Next, we went to the next temple which is the Tai Hong Kong Shrine. This temple is not as big as the first one we went but I was so impressed of what it has been doing. According to Bic (my tour guide), this temple is helping the people in need since it's established. They even help those who passed away but can't afford a coffin or those who can't even identify their identity.

You can see some of the prayer brought rice and mineral water to the temple, this is because Buddhism in Thailand has taught them to share and give what they are able to for those who are in need.

WoodBrook Cafe

As we were leaving the temple, it started to rains. Therefore Bic brought us to a cafe to have a rest. This cafe is just located 7mins away from the temple and I personally like it so much. You can either rest in the aircon room or you can chill at the outdoor area to get some breeze of fresh air and look at the nice view of Bangkok City.

Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha)

The third temple we visited is the Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha) . If you think the outlook of this temple is incredible, wait until you see the Golden Buddha inside the temple.

This Golden Buddha holds the record of the Biggest Golden Buddha in the world with a weight of 5.5tones and estimated to be worth 250million US DOLLAR !

There's a fact of this buddha statue might shock you as the origin outer layer of this statue is not gold but plaster. It was believed that the people want to prevent it to be stolen so they cover it with plaster. The inner part was discovered by the people when they tried to lift it up and the ropes broke, the statue fell hard on the ground. At that moment, some of the plaster coating chipped off, allowing the gold surface underneath to be seen.

Pad Thai NangFah

After the temple visit, we went just across the road for our early dinner. This hawker stall is just at the roadside opposite the temple. It sells all sort of Pad Thai and some fried food. We ordered some of them to share and all of them are so delicious!

Pan-Fried Crispy Osyter

Pan-Fried Crispy Mussel

Pad-Thai (Glass Noodle)

This Hawker stall which is just at the roadside doesn't seem attractive at all but trust me, it might be the best Pad-Thai you could find in Bangkok!

After that we went to the train station and stay tune for the next blog about the sleeping train experience!

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 Thursday, July 25, 2019 5:30 PM