After 9 hours of Sleeper Train Journey, we had reached Kumphawapi station in Udon Thani.

Our first stop in Udon Thani will blow your mind away, let the photos speak the words.

The Sea of Red Lotus

Amazed by amount of Lotus in this lake, there are a few types of lotus you can see here and you even can pluck the lotus seed to eat freshly!

I was told that the flower blooming season is on December to February, I guess during that season, you will be more amazed by the scenery here!

Khao Piek Udon restaurant

As we are hungry so next we went to a famous local restaurant for our breakfast.This restaurant serve Vietnamese style breakfast so we have their signature rice noodle with pork soup.

The Pork soup is like a stew, it's just too yummy!

If you not feeling full with the rice noodle, just order their signature Khao Jee Pâté to fill up your stomach.

Udon Thani Museum

Next up we went to the Udon Thani Museum to learn about the history of the province. If you think museum is something boring, this will definitely change your mind.

They have interactive technology built in the museum to tell you the history in an interesting way! No matter you are an adult or a child, you are going to have fun in here and learn something from it.

VT Namneung Restaurant

During Lunch hour we had been brought to a famous restaurant - VT Namneung Restaurant. It is so famous eventually my partner - Radaaht also know about it. It's a Vietnamese franchise restaurant and the one we went is the biggest and the origin of it. You would definitely want to try their signature Nem nướng Wrap.

Nem nướng is Vietnamese pork meatballs served with a generous platter of fresh vegetables and rice paper for wrap customisation.

Side dishes : Vietnamese Stuffed Pork Leg (Left) Bánh Bèo (Right)

Puya Foundation & Shrine

The last place we visited is Puya Foundation & Shrine. At the early century, Udon Thani actually had a lot of immigrant including chinese. Therefore to preserve the chinese culture in Udon Thani, the chinese raised fund and build the shrine and the cultural centre.

The Puya Shrin

The Cultural Centre

At here you will get know to more about the chinese culture. I was amazed by the effort to build this place and maintain on it.

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