After a day of tour in Bangkok, finally we are heading to our village of our program, Ban Chiang, Udon Thani. For those who never heard of this village, it's located at the north east of Thailand, 600km far from Bangkok.

If you wish to pay a visit here from Bangkok, you can either get a flight or a sleeping train like me.

Hua Lam Pong Train station

A Sleeper train seat will cost you about 700bath - 1500 baht depends on what kind of seat you buy.

The normal seat zone

The private room zone

Basically private room has two seats, so you will share with someone if you just buy a seat.

To be honest, I'm surprised with the facilities in the train. The private room has it's own washing basin, electric socket and even a TV.

The crew even help you to make up the BED and give you a blanket

There is toilet at the end of the compartment and a shower room as well.

If you are hungry there is a compartment for dining area but if you lazy to walk, you can just order from the crew and he will take the meal to you

For a long journey ride, it's definitely comfortable to sit on. It was a really cool experience for me (ESPECIALLY you can take a hot shower in the train). I would suggest you to try on if you planning a vacation in Thailand.

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 Friday, July 26, 2019 11:31 PM