Suesdai Angkor Wat Siem Reap.. I am Ple, I and my friends have got a chance to travel in one of the world heritage where is close to Thailand... " See Angkor Wat and Die " said British historian, Arnold J. Toybee. According to this phrase, it is the slang word which is referred that " You must see Angkor Wat before you die". If I have got the chance to visit Angkor Wat one more time, it will be worth visit because it is such the amazing place.

2 days 1 night 10 voyagers, we have started our journey right away after work by driving carryboy car to Aranyaprathet . It is such the convenient and warm trip. Even though, it is the short trip but we are not so hurry, we just let it flow as it should be. We stay in the hotel close to Rong Kluea Market. We have left our car at public car park at the Rong Kluea Market, it costs 300฿ to rent parking area for 2 days. We have passed Rong Kluea immigration check point. We then take free shuttle bus to Poipet.

We are allowed to stay maximum 14 days per trip for Thai passport.

We have seen Cambodian lifestyle, they are busy with selling their products.

Including food e.g deep fried insects

As mentioned earlier that we take free shuttle bus from immigration check point to Poipet and we will use public transportation to Siem Reap once we arrive Poipet. Somebody said that it is cheaper to take the car from the immigration check point to Seam Reap. We admit that we decide to take free shuttle bus because we have no idea, our first thinking which pop up in our minds is to get out from immigration.

The reason that our plan is not so smooth because we have not searched for some information that much, we have not reserved anything in advance. The decision making is based on that particular moment. The distance from Poipet to Siem Reap is around 150 Kilometers, it takes about 3 hours. So, we better rent the car, it will be faster than the bus. So, we start negotiating the renting charge.

We brainstorm and separate from the group to negotiate for the best price. As, there is one member of our team who can basically speak Cambodian, she can negotiate for the reasonable price. So, we then exchange money for renting the car and spending in Cambodian.

We can get the van service @ USD 80 which is very reasonable price. Furthermore, we have also get guide, he actually wants to go to Siem Reap and he has asked for our help if he can go with us. It is really good for to have this guide with us because he can translate our message to the driver as the drive can not speak English and our member can basically speak only. It takes about 2 hours from Poipet to Siem Reap. We really enjoy seeing the beautiful view along the way.

Below photo is the guide who has joined in the same van. He is very nice and friendly. Furthermore, he can speak English very well, he also suggests us many attractions. He says good bye to us once we arrive at Siem Reap.

It is time for us to chill out now. We continue walking and searching for the accommodation.

We separate from the group and ask every hotel located along this street (we could not remember the street name) but it is not far from night life pubs. The weather is very hot.

Finally, we can find the accommodation with reasonable price and acceptable room condition, it costs 800 ฿ per room per night. We do not have much time to think a lot because it is time for lunch now. We are so hungry.

Tuk Tuk (Tricycle motor) is also available here. Many drivers have noticed that we are tourists so, they try to approach us. We eventually decide to take one of Tuk Tuk with agreeable price @ 25 USD for now till the evening. The driver also gives us the good suggestion, he said we better visit Angkor Wat after 16.00 hrs. by purchasing 1 day ticket for tomorrow because we can get the privilege to utilize the same ticket to visit Angkor Wat for today and tomorrow. All is alright now. Let's go.

The photo of mom and son, Baby Sil has travelled abroad since he is still young.

Our enjoyable moment has been starting. We use 2 Tuk Tuk service.

For safety reason, the driver needs to put on the helmet.

We have seen that bicycle is also popular here, it is the good exercise. But, we do not prefer because the weather is very hot.

Once we arrive at the ticket counter, we are in the queue for buying the ticket. There is no mandatory posture for photo on the ticket, it is very free style for photo posture. It cost 20 USD per ticket.

We arrive Angkor Wat at almost 15.00 hrs., we are in hurry to find something to eat by choosing the restaurant closer to Angkor Wat. The food price is quite reasonable. We can finish all of them very fast because we are so hungry.

We have ordered papaya salad from the street food and it tastes quite good.

Once our stomachs are fulfilled with the food. It is time to explore Angkor Wat. We have taken the photo of Tuk Tuk's driver before we left him. This is because it is easy for us to recognize his face once we get out from Angkor Wat.

Let's go to explore Angkor Wat together.

Angkor Wat is surrounded by the canals at the entrance. We do not have much time because it will be closed at 17.30 hrs, so we need to be hurry to take the photo of evening twilight.

Rambo (He is the oldest member of this trip)

Rama Nong Sil Sawadee (The youngest member of this trip)

Beautiful photo is enriched with evening twilight (She is the one who can speak Cambodian)

We could not take many photos today.

We are outside the sanctuary parts.

It is very crowded

We are now at the popular corner.

As we mentioned earlier that it will be closed, the staffs have informed tourists to get out from Angkor Wat.

So, we need to leave Angkor Wat now and be ready for night life tonight.

We have checked for the menu and price for the dinner. Once everything is all right, hence we are not reluctant to take a seat. It will be such a long night tonight. There are many pubs and night markets along the street where you are able to choose and chill out.

We have seen many foreigners over here.

It is so funny.

We spend sometimes in the walking street for a while, then we go back to our accommodation because we need to wake up at 05.00 am to go to see the rising sun at Angkor Wat.

We start our 2nd day by using the same Tuk Tuk service as yesterday, the price is still remained at 25 USD / Tuk Tuk. But, we have time till noon only because we need to go back for checking out from the hotel.

The weather at Angkor Wat in the morning is very nice.

Whom are you looking at?

Are you looking at us?

Nong Sil seems not ready.

We have got sugar palm trees as the background.

We come inside Angkor Wat and take the photos with freestyle postur.

Ple's photo

Happy mom with the son

To take the photo with Absara angels

There are also local tourists.

The tourists are also able to visit upper sanctuaries but we need to queue up.

But there are also many restrictions such as kids under 12 years old are not allowed to go up to upper sanctuaries.

It is the enormous and elegant infrastructure of ancient Khmer.

The step up to the sanctuaries is quite steep.

The performance to redeem a vow to the god.

We wander around Angkor Wat about 2 hours, we forgot to take the breakfast. Fortunately, we buy some bread and banana. Otherwise, we would not have enough energy.

We will continue to our next destination: Prasat Bayon.

The place where we find some rocks, it is the place we see rock pagodas. It is an amazing building method.

Nong Sil has shared his snack to local kid.

So, we continue our trip to Prasat Taphom. The outstanding thing of Prasat Taphom is that the sanctuary is covered by trees' root. This sanctuary was ever used as the scene in Tomb Raider movie which is performed by Angelina Jolie.

Want to join their frame ^_^

The tree root is very big once comparing with human size.

Since we have very limited time, so we need to go back to the accommodation to take a shower and check out. We can still have time for lunch. Then, we have paid for car service to take us to Rong Kluea immigration check point. We negotiate and get the reasonable price for 1000 ฿ per car, we have used 2 cars.

It is time to say good bye for 2 days trip at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap in Cambodian. Since this place is one of the world heritage and it is close to Thailand, so you should not miss visiting here once in a life time. You will see the enormous elegance of this sanctuary. Once in a lifetime at Angkor Wat Angkor Thom.


Story by LingPle Mayuree : [email protected]

Photos by LingPle Mayuree , Premchai Laolaem, Akapob Kulprayoth

VDO editing by Premchai Laolaem

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