"Many people know well about Hua Hin but some people do not know what we can do more than enjoy relaxing on the beach of Hua Hin. We are going to visit some places besides Hua Hin"

Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri khan is 2 provinces in the western coast of Thailand. The beach here are long and wide so this destination are very good options for spending your vacation or long holiday.

I chose these two provinces for this trip because after long period locked down for Covid seem this area become more-lively by Thai tourist.


Actually, I visit many places in Phetchaburi such as Cha-am beach, mountain, temple, palace etc., However, there are some places that I never been yet. “Uncle Thanom Palm orchard” where almost everything is made from palm trees either palm sugar, palm juice, palm cake. And this is the largest palm orchard in Thailand.

I like this place. There are lots of palm trees and we were lucky to meet with the owner and listen his experience with his palm orchard and then tried delicious palm cake and pure palm juice. 

This is good tourist stop when you visit Phetchaburi before you go to the beach like Cha-am.

After enjoy photo shootings in the orchard then we moved to one of the famous restaurant name “Payan Restaurant”

This is nice restaurant especially the decoration inside. They serve variety Thai cuisine and we ordered some popular menu.

Deep fried fish with fish-sauce.

Fish cake, Stir fried vegetable and some other menu.

But for me fish cake is the best for today.

Me and my friends agreed to keep afternoon free and lazy at resort because today we will stay at Aleenta Hua Hin Resort and Spa (but located in Pranburi). Prachuap Khirikhan is the name of province while Hua Hin District is the most popular area for tourist. The reason is there are more-lively city so there are many hotels, shopping malls, local markets.

But there are other districts which have difference character like Pran Buri district where there are very long beach which very good for jogging, exercise, yoga in the morning. 

The beautiful beach and nice panoramic sea-view even we can not swim. Kui Buri is another district where there is National Park where you can expect to see wild animal like in Khao Yai. Bang Saphan District where you can expect to do good snorkeling and visit island and also nice beaches etc.,

By the way, I chose this resort because I stayed several resorts in Hua Hin area but never stay in Pran Buri yet. Pran Buri is a bit peaceful and there are no shopping malls, local night market, entertainment so this area is very good for lay down on the hammock and listen to the sound of the sea wave during the noon. We all had a good nap.

Dinner today we chose Udom Pochana Seafood Restaurant. This one we chose is the 2nd branches which none of us try before.

We ordered seafood menu.

Fish (again)

Dry squid is the signature of this restaurant so we also order

Fried rice with pineapple

Fried vermicelli with seafood

After dinner we go back to hotel for relax. I like the room, not too large, comfortable bed

Not too bright

Big sofa which I can sit with my laptop

Nice bathroom

Good private pool for relax after long day.

I like the color of the wall and the lighting in the room are soft and not hurt my eyes when I sitting with my laptop for 2-3 hours before go to bed.


I woke up early morning as I want to try yoga class which provided by resort (this is my first time to try yoga).

6am me, my friends and other guests are ready at the venue.

After yoga we have breakfast at hotel. They served with choice of set  menu with buffet for fruit, salad which I think this is good idea because there are many people left food on table and all those are waste. 

And then left hotel and heading to Kui Buri District (anther district in Prachuap Khirikhan province). To experience local life and wild animals watching.

It was around 1.20 hours from Pranburi then we reached to Kui Buri. Firstly, we visit the local village name Ruam Thai Village as one of my friends is from this village so she wants to show how people here making soap, lotion and other skin products from pineapple.

We had tried to make hand wash by ourselves. It was very good experience. Besides of local product this village also famous for tourist with village tour and the highlight is having lunch like farmer.

And today we have lunch here. The food is simple Thai food. But the venue is on the green field.

The taste of the food is very delicious. We all full but before we fall asleep we left the village and heading to Kui Buri National Park to see wild animals.

We hope to see some animals like elephants, guars, deer etc.,

This area not allow the car from outside to get in. We parked the car outside and then take local truck and heading deep in to the park.

Sitting on the truck passing the big park with green trees in raining season is amazing trip. We keep looking for some animals. 

But we all understand that this is the real park which we can not expect that we will see any animals.

But for me I think just enjoy the view along the road is good enough.

We do not have luck today. So, we did not see any elephants but at least we saw many guars even they standing too far so we can not take any photos.

We met a girl in this trip and she said that she came here for 3 times already as she hope to see some elephants but still did not see. However, the tour guide show us some photos which she took from her trip.

It is amazing photos and when she sharing her memory about the trip which she saw big group of elephants made us feel like we were there with her. She said that in this national park there might be around more than 400 elephants. May be we can try again next time but no one know if we can see them.

It was a time to leave as today we planning to stay in Hua Hin city which take around 1.30hrs from Kui Buri National Park and we want to have dinner at “Sailom Restaurant” the long time famous restaurant for Thai and foreigner which my friend already booked the table.

We arrived the restaurant on the right time.

The beach is so nice. There are people walking, jogging or riding the hose on the beach.

We had ordered food in advance as this restaurant always crowded with customer during dinner because the location is good, food are delicious and reasonable prices.

And this is our dinner.

Spicy steam sea bass

Fried mix seafood

Baked mussels

Yellow curry with bamboo shoot and sea-bass

All food are good.

We enjoyed the food and left the restaurant for check in at G Hua Hin Hotel.

This is good hotel in Hua Hin City. Prices is not too high but room is good.

Location also good, next to the shopping mall and close to local market.

I like their bed and pillow. I do not know since when I pay attention to the bed and pillow but I keep check and compare the quality of bed and pillow whenever I stay in hotel during travelling (but in case to stay in other type of accommodation I have no any condition)


We keep this day free and easy, wake up late and then check out from hotel and finding food. We got idea to have lite meal at the café by the beach of Let’s Sea Hua Hin Resort because I have been there once and I like the venue, view and food. Everyone agreed.

We reached to the café almost 12.00pm and everyone order their menu and be ready at the table while I still want to get more shot because the beach and the sky today is so beautiful.

And I got the shots I want.


But it was my fault to enjoy walking around the café and get more and more photos. But my friend already started their lunch so I did not have chance to get any shot of their food….

Anyway, this is a very good lazy trip. We mixed nature, local life, local food, beach resort etc., So, I would like to suggest you consider and design this kind of the trip to get difference experience to your memory. There are still many things to do in Prachuap Khiri khan besides HUA HIN.


 Monday, July 27, 2020 11:48 PM