" Cher Cheeva" Small acommodation but it is enriched with peaceful atmosphere of the nature

Cher Cheeva has given the absolute definition of accommodation

There are only 3 bedrooms, they are perfect

This place is just like the house where is awaited for accommodating tourists

It is really humble and comfortable place to chill out.
Furthermore, you are able to enjoy other activities which you could not find anywhere else.

Cher Cheeva is not only the place for sleeping but you will also be able to indulge with the atmosphere as well as accomplish the definition of Cher Cheeva. Here, you will discover the real happiness.

The wall is built from bamboo and curtain is handmade.

You are able to enjoy seeing the waterfall at the balcony of your room.

Once we stay here, it is necessary that we need to familiarize with the member of this house.

There 3 members of this family; P' Fon, P' Tri and N' Cher

This is the bedroom, the bed sheet is very stylish.

We can call stylish Cher Cheeva.

The view of waterfall is amazing.

We hope that this photo will not confuse you, it is the entrance of the house.

As we mentioned earlier that there are 3 bedrooms.

Blanket is what I like the most, it is really nice and warm. We feel that we am well taken care.

There is also water heater available in the bathroom because the weather is very cold.

This make me lazy to wake up in the morning.

Aromatic tea is served as the welcome drink.

This is my favorite corner

We like to listen to the sound of waterfall.

It is really a good idea to escape from the hasty life and chill out with the nature.

P' Tri, the man who really cherishes Cher Cheeva

We think it is somehow the destiny to make people to know each other and it also creates the precious friendship till now.

The weather is getting colder in the evening.

We sit around the fire camp and discuss fruitfully. I really like here and it is comfortable like my home.

Today dinner is really wonderful.

We have eaten all because it is very delicious.

The evening twilight has lulled me to fall asleep.

It is time to recharge some energy for tomorrow.

The breakfast is porridge, it is very delicious. Importantly, we are able to eat as much as we want.

Apart from the food, we are also served with seasonal fruits.

It is time to indulge with the nature.

The grape plantation of Uncle Thong is another place where should not be missed.


Cher Cheeva is located o Mae Maea Chiang Dao District Chiang Mai Province, there are 3 bedrooms, 2 room types.

- There are 2 bedrooms for 3 people, it costs THB 1500/ room per night** include breakfast

- There are 1 bedroom for 4 people, it costs THB 2000/ room per night** include breakfast

The dinner costs THB 150 per person, the extra bed costs THB 400 person

PS. Each room type can accommodate 2-3 people maximum

The water heater is available in each room type. Once we recalculate, it costs only THB 650 per person, it is very cheap while comparing with the amazing atmosphere that we get at Cher Cheeva.

How to get there.

To take the bus at the bus terminal, the bus fee is THB 40, then get off at 7-11 Mae Na before reaching Chiang Dao district,

Then, there will be the minibus take us to the village, this minibus can accommodate 6-8 people, it costs THB 400 per trip.

To contact P' Fon Tel: 098-760-7234, please do not forget to tell that you have got the contact detail from this page.

Thank you very much for your attention for this page.


Bank Pha Wua Pai Lam

It is the trip to stay at the house of the owner whom we have never met.

We could not tell all what we have met, you better experience by yourself.

#Pha Wua Pai Lam


 Wednesday, January 25, 2017 4:07 PM